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A secure password generator with a CLI utility

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PassGenerator is a secure password generator with a CLI utility. It can generate random complex or phoenetic passwords.

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You'll need to have Python installed in order to run PassGenerator. Start by downloading and installing Python.

Note: Python 3 is recommended, however PassGenerator has been successfully tested with Python 2.6+


python -m pip install passgenerator


PassGenerator provides the following methods:

passgenerator.generate(length=32, upper=True, lower=True, numbers=True, special=True)
passgenerator.complexpass(length=32, upper=True, lower=True, numbers=True, special=True)
passgenerator.phoenetic(number_words=4, word_list='path/to/list', delimiter='-')

*Note: The complexpass method calls the generate method - both methods provide identical output

Sample code:

>>> import passgenerator
>>> passgenerator.generate()
>>> passgenerator.generate(14, numbers=False)
>>> passgenerator.phoenetic()
>>> passgenerator.phoenetic(3)

Command Line Utility

PassGenerator includes a command line utility for generating passwords.

passgenerator --help
usage: [-h] [-d [delimiter]] [-D] [-l] [-L] [-n] [-N] [-p] [-s] [-S] [-u] [-U] [-w <word list>]

Generates secure random passwords

positional arguments:
  length                length of password (default is 32 characters for complex and 4 words for phoenetic)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d [delimiter], --delimiter [delimiter]
                        delimiter between words in phoenetic password
  -D, --no-delimiter    no delimiter between words in phoenetic password
  -l, --lower-enable    use lower case characters
  -L, --lower-disable   don't use lower case characters
  -n, --number-enable   use number characters
  -N, --number-disable  don't use number characters
  -p, --phoenetic       create phoenetic password using English words
  -s, --special-enable  use special characters
  -S, --special-disable
                        don't use special characters
  -u, --upper-enable    use upper case characters
  -U, --upper-disable   don't use upper case characters
  -w <word list>, --word-list <word list>
                        use provided word list (plaintext format, return seperated

optional argument '-w/--word-list' assumes '-p/--phoenetic'

Generating a default complex password:


Generating a 14 character complex password with no special characters:

passgenerator -S 14

Generating a phoenetic password

passgenerator -p

Generating a phoenetic password using 3 words and a dot as a delimiter

passgenerator -p 3 -d .


This project is licensed under the MIT License

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