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PassiveTotal client, version 2

Project description


PassiveTotal client


From the project root directory::

$ python install


Simply run it::

$ passivetotal

Use --help/-h to view info on the arguments::

$ passivetotal --help

Use setup to apply your username and api key::

$ passivetotal setup <username> <api key>

Usage Examples
Get account info::

$ passivetotal account --account

Get quotas::

$ passivetotal account --quotas
$ passivetotal account --quotas --json #it's a bit easier to read as json

Create a project::

$ passivetotal project create "<project name>" {public, private}

Update a project::

$ passivetotal project update "<project UUID>" --tags <comma separated tags> \
--description "<short description for the project>" --visibility {public, private}

Delete a project::

$ passivetotal project delete "<project UUID>"

Find a project::

$ passivetotal project find -h

Create an artifact::

$ passivetotal artifact create <project UUID> <artifact queries>

Tag items::

$ passivetotal actions tag set <comma separated tags> #set tags
$ passivetotal actions tag add <comma separated tags> #add tags
$ passivetotal actions tag delete <comma separated tags> #remove tags

Get enrichment data::

$ passivetotal enrich <domain to enrich>
$ passivetotal enrich --osint <domain to enrich>
$ passivetotal enrich --malware <domain to enrich>
$ passivetotal enrich --subdomains <domain to enrich>

Get whois info::

$ passivetotal whois <domain>
$ passivetotal whois <domain> --json #sometimes it's easier to read the json response
$ passivetotal whois <query> --field <field to search by>
$ passivetotal whois --keyword <query>

Get pdns info::

$ passivetotal dns <domain>
$ passivetotal dns --unique <domain>
$ passivetotal dns --keyword <keyword>

Get ssl info::

$ passivetotal ssl <sha1>
$ passivetotal ssl --keyword <keyword>
$ passivetotal ssl --field <field> <query>

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