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Python multiple payment gateway

Project description


Python payment processor that supports multiple configurable payment gateways.

Currently supported gateways are:

  • Stripe


Install PayMouse using pip

pip install paymouse



The code below is an example of setting up PayMouse with the Stripe gateway.

The setup step only needs to be completed once unless the PayMouse options need to be updated. To update the options, simply run paymouse.setup again with new or updated options.

import paymouse

    'gateway': 'Stripe',
    'api_key': 'sk_test_LTAhe6WM7my2MTNT8cRRHtXh',

PayMouse classes

Three classes are used when executing PayMouse methods. These classes are Money, Account, and Card.

Below shows samples of using these classes

# Create Money object
money = paymouse.Money(10, 'USD')
# Create Money object using default currency (USD)
money = paymouse.Money(10)

# Create Account object
account = paymouse.Account('John', 'Doe', '123 Main St', 'Anytown', 'Wisconsin', 12345, 'USA')
# Create Account object using only first and last name
account = paymouse.Account('John', 'Doe')
# Create Account object using keyword args
account = paymouse.Account('John', 'Doe', country='USA')

# Create Card object
card = paymouse.Card(4111111111111111, 12, 2020, 123)
# Create Card object without CVC
card = paymouse.Card(4111111111111111, 12, 2020)

Perform a transaction

The following transactions types are currently supported:

  • charge
  • authorize
  • void
  • refund

An example of performing a charge is shown below:

money = Money(1)
token = 'tok_visa'

# Run the transaction
result = paymouse.charge(money, token)

print('Charge Id:', result['id'])


If the transaction fails, it will return a dictionary with the following keys:

  • error - The PayMouse normalized error code
  • message - The PayMouse normalized error message
  • gateway_error - The gateway error code
  • gateway_message - The gateway error message
  • gateway_response - The full gateway response

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