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This is an unofficial Python 3.7+ API for the website It is written using asynchronous requests for efficient data retrieval. This package is currently in a stable beta.


Package retrieval and installation can be easily accomplished through pip.

pip install pcpartpicker


In order to use the API, simply import API from the pcpartpicker package.

from pcpartpicker import API

You can then instantiate the API class and use it to make requests.

api = API()
cpu_data = api.retrieve("cpu")
all_data = api.retrieve_all()

api.retrieve() and api.retrieve_all() methods both return a PartData instance, which contains a timestamp and a to_json() method.

A list of supported parts can be obtained in the following manner:

api = API()
>>> {'wireless-network-card', 'case-fan', 'cpu', 'cpu-cooler', 'headphones', 'motherboard', 'monitor', 'internal-hard-drive', 'external-hard-drive', 'ups', 'fan-controller', 'case', 'keyboard', 'mouse', 'wired-network-card', 'sound-card', 'video-card', 'speakers', 'optical-drive', 'power-supply', 'thermal-paste', 'memory'}

There are also a number of methods that can be used in order to customize the API behavior. For example, you can change the region, determine the number of concurrent, asynchronous connections that can be made, and can also set whether or not the API can use multiple threads.

Retrieving supported API regions:

api = API()
>>> {'be', 'us', 'it', 'uk', 'ie', 'nz', 'de', 'ca', 'au', 'fr', 'se', 'es', 'in'}

Retrieving currently selected region (default is US):

api = API()
>>> us

Creating an API object with a different default region:

api = API("de")
>>> de

Changing the default region:

api = API()
>>> de

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