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PDFreactor integration for Plone

Project description

This Add-On package integrates the PDFreactor client API by RealObjects, as provided by the pdfreactor-api package, into Plone.

To effectively make use of it, you’ll need

  • a running PDFreactor server

  • the keys needed to access it; depending on the server configuration:


  • A simple @@as.pdf browser view for contentish objects (providing a synchronous PDF export with standard options)

  • A custom form @@pdfreactor-connection-settings to edit the connection settings (which are stored in the Plone registry)

  • A simple @@pdfreactor-config view to provide basic conversion settings (i.e., the Zope cookies which are needed to create PDF exports from restricted contents)

    For a package providing customizable conversion settings in the registry as well, see below.

  • A simple CSS stylesheet which is used by the default configuration to suppress uninteresting page parts


Plone environments are typically built using zc.buildout; so add to your buildout.cfg script:

eggs =

and then run bin/buildout.

This will get you the pdfreactor-api package as well.

After restarting your Zope instance, you’ll find the package in the Quick-Installer or the Plone Add-Ons view.

After installing (or activating) the package there, visit the @@pdfreactor-connection-settings view of your Plone instance to customize your PDFreactor connection settings (URL and license and / or API key).

For installation instructions regarding the PDFreactor service itself, please refer to PDFreactor Support.


Zope / Plone

You have several options:

  • You may subclass our .base.Exporter BrowserView class (which provides the @@as.pdf view) and override some of it’s methods, e.g.

    • converted_url

    • conversionSettings

  • You may connect our BrowserView class or subclasses of it to more specific interfaces than IContentish. (You might need a layer interface to avoid configuration conflicts).

  • You may override the @@pdfreactor-config view to modify the conversion options (generally, or by interface).

    One add-on package to get a global “TTW” customizable configuration is pdfreactor.parsecfg.

Please refer to the Zope / Plone documentation for instructions how to do this.


For the details about the supported methods and configuration options of the PDFreactor itself, please refer to the documentation by RealObjects GmbH:


If you are having issues concerning this Plone integration, please let us know; please use the issue tracker mentioned above.

For issues regarding the PDFreactor itself, please refer to RealObjects GmbH:


(To this Plone integration package:)


The project is licensed under the MIT License.



1.0.4 (2023-12-08)


  • Add __noduplicate to the list of cookies.

    This is important if you use the no_duplicate_login PAS plugin (Products.NoDuplicateLogin); otherwise, creation of PDF documents or screenshots might fail. Or the PDFreactor might kick you out.


1.0.3 (2023-04-05)

New Features:

  • The .base.Exporter class now provides an own .convert method which accepts binary, async and stream arguments and calls the appropriate conversion method internally.

    Currently, it will return

    • None, if a stream was given,

    • binary data, if binary was given (and not stream), and

    • the document_id, if async was given, and

    • a dict with all meta information contained otherwise.


  • The .base.Exporter class now provides (and uses) a conversionSource method which in turn uses the existing converted_url method.

    Note: if providing text instead of a URL as the document config key, you likely need to specify a baseUrl as well; otherwise the reactor might fail to load stylesheets or images during conversion.

Development hints:

  • When developing and testing your PDFreactor conversions, be sure you have more than one Zope worker thread ready; otherwise you might wonder about HTTP errors when the reactor sends requests to your instance!

  • We provide the original API (from the PDFreactor distribution) as .raw_api module (for development and testing; helps to check whether a certain problem is related to our pythonization measures).

    Just in case.


1.0.2 (2023-01-20)

New Features:

  • For MathML support:

    • added a @@pdfreactor-mathjax-vars.js view (for configuration), and

    • a ++resource++pdfreactor.plone/mathjax2-run.js script to ease MathJax integration.

    This is not configurable yet, but will likely be, soon.

    Note: PDFreactor v11.6.3 (2023-03-07) contains a fix to a bug which caused MathML exports as “continuous media” to fail.

  • The @@as.pdf method supports a method option; e.g., call .../my/page/@@as.pdf?method=@@from-screenshot to create a PDF file from .../my/page/@@from-screenshot.


1.0.1 (2022-09-20)


  • The connectionSettings method doesn’t return any cookies anymore because the Zope cookies are considered config information.

  • The .base.Exporter provides a getZopeCookies method now for use in derived view classes which override the conversionSettings method to not use @@pdfreactor-config.


1.0.0 (2022-07-12)

  • Initial release. [tobiasherp]

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