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Various extensions, helpers, and utilities for Peewee

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Various extensions, helpers, and utilities for Peewee

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See the Changelog for release history.


The documentation for this project is currently a work in progress. Please see the source code for complete docs


peewee+ is available on PyPI and can be installed using Poetry, Pipenv, or Pip:

# Using poetry
poetry add peewee-plus

# Using pipenv
pipenv install peewee-plus

# Using pip
python -m venv peewee
source peewee/bin/activate
python -m pip install peewee-plus

Once installed, Peewee+ can be imported like below:

import peewee_plus



SQLITE_DEFAULT_PRAGMAS - The default pragmas to use with an SQLite database connection, taken directly from the Peewee docs.

SQLITE_DEFAULT_VARIABLE_LIMIT - The maximum number of variables an SQL query can use when using SQLite


calc_batch_size - Helper function for writing backend-agnostic batch queries while accounting for the SQLite max variable limit.

flat_transaction - Decorator function for wrapping callables in a database transaction without creating nested transactions


PathField - A Peewee database field for storing Pathlib objects, optionally relative to a runtime value.

PrecisionFloatField - A Peewee database field for storing floats while specifying the MySQL precision parameters M and D

JSONField - A Peewee database field for storing arbitrary JSON-serializable data

EnumField - A Peewee database field for storing Enums by name

TimedeltaField A Peewee database field for natively storing datetime.timedelta objects

For Developers

All project contributors and participants are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct, v2 (external link).

The devel branch has the latest (and potentially unstable) changes. The stable releases are tracked on Github, PyPi, and in the Changelog.

Developing this project requires Python 3.10 or later and Poetry 1.2 or later. GNU Make can optionally be used to quickly setup a local development environment, but this is not required.

To setup a local development environment:

# Clone the repository...
# ...over HTTPS
git clone
# ...over SSH
git clone

cd peewee-plus/

# Create and configure the local dev environment
make dev

# See additional make targets
make help

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