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peewee_seed is simple data seeder using peewee.

Project description

# peewee_seed
peewee_seed is a seed library which provides initial data to database using peewee.
With reference to the [Django fixture](

[![PyPI version](](
## usage

### simple seeds
- file envs
``` yaml
# accounts.yaml
- model : myapp.models.Account
id: 1
first_name: John
last_name: Smith
age: 20
from peewee import CharField
from peewee import IntegerField
from peewee import Model
from peewee import SqliteDatabase

database = SqliteDatabase(":memory:", pragmas={"foregin_keys": 1})

class BaseModel(Model):
class Meta(object):
database = database

class Account(BaseModel):
first_name = CharField(null=False)
last_name = CharField(null=False)
age = IntegerField(null=True)
- seeds entry file
``` python
from peewee_seeds import PeeweeSeed
from myapp.models import database

def main():
path = '/path/to/fixtures'

# seeds instance
seeds = PeeweeSeed(database, path, ['accounts.yaml'])

# load fixture for create table

# load fixture for db input

if __name__ == '__main__':
- Run command

### other example

from peewee_seed import PeeweeSeed
from myapp.models import database

# seeds instance
seeds = PeeweeSeed()

# set path

# set use fixture name
seeds.set_fixture_files(['accounts.yaml', 'pictures.yaml'])

# loading fixture file data
fixtures_row_data = seeds.load_fixture_files()

# fixture purification
fields, models_namelist = seeds.load_fixture(fixtures_row_data[0])

# fixtures purification
fields, models_namelist = seeds.load_fixtures(fixtures_row_data)

# set database session

# base on fixtures, create tables

# fixtures data to db input

# base on fixtures, drop tables

### direct inputdata seed
``` python
# body is dict data
# create & seed
seed = PeeweeSeed(db)
_, models = seed.load_fixtures([body])


# body is modelpath(same to fixtures)
# drop
seed = PeeweeSeed(db)

models = body["models"]

#### error: Foreign key constraint


# seed
seed.db_data_input([body], foreign_key_checks=True)

# db drop
seed.drop_table_all(models, foreign_key_checks=True)


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