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Render math expressions to svg and embed them.

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math-svg: A Plugin for Pelican

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Render math expressions to svg and embed them.


This plugin can be installed via:

python -m pip install pelican-math-svg

Afterwards, add the plugin to the PLUGINS list in your file, e.g.:


Multi-Core Rendering

To use multi-core rendering of equations (highly recommended, especially when many equations have to be rendered) change the html target in the Makefile of your pelican site to a three step process:

    pelican-math-svg render -j $(shell nproc)

The first commands will execute math-svg in dry-mode and only populate the equation database without actually rendering anything. The second command will render all missing equations in parallel. The number of threads is specified by the -j flag, in this example all CPU cores are used. Replace $(shell nproc) with a number to use a fixed number of cores. The last command is the usual pelican command and produces the output files again, know including the rendered equations.


  • required LaTeX tools (all included in TeX Live and possibly other LaTeX distributions):
    • lualatex (or another LaTeX compiler if changed in the settings, see below)
    • pdfcrop
    • dvisvgm
  • scour (optional)
  • svgo (optional)


In Markdown you can use $x$ for inline math and

  \int x^2

for display math.

It is required to set the stroke color using the strokeonly class (this class name can be changed, see configuration options below), otherwise lines would be rendered white:

svg path.strokeonly {
    color: #000;

To change the fill color for equations as well, thus essential changing the default color for math, specify the following additionally:

span.math svg path,
div.math svg path {
    fill: #000;


In your you can use the following options to tweak the behavior of the plugin:

Setting Description Default Value
`MATH_SVG["titles"] Whether to generate <title> tags containing the raw LaTeX code (recommended for accessibility). True
MATH_SVG["scale_inline"] scaling factor for inline math 1.0
MATH_SVG["scale_display"] scaling factor for display math 1.0
MATH_SVG["strokeonly_class] CSS class for SVG paths that have no filling and a black stroke color, useful when changing the color of rendered equations strokeonly
MATH_SVG["latex"]["args"] CLI arguments of the invoked LaTeX compiler "--interaction=errorstopmode", "--halt-on-error"
MATH_SVG["latex"]["preamble"] preamble of the generated LaTeX document [r"\documentclass[preview,border={2pt 0pt}]{standalone}",r"\usepackage{amsmath}",r"\usepackage{amssymb}",]
MATH_SVG["latex"]["program"] LaTeX compiler to use lualatex
MATH_SVG["pdfcrop"]["args"] CLI arguments for pdfcrop --hires
MATH_SVG["dvisvgm"]["args"] CLI arguments for dvisvgm ["--pdf", "--optimize=all", "--no-fonts", "--exact-bbox"]
MATH_SVG["scour"]["args"] CLI arguments for scour ["--strip-xml-prolog", "--remove-descriptions", "--remove-metadata", "--enable-comment-stripping", "--strip-xml-space", "--enable-id-stripping",]
MATH_SVG["scour"]["enabled"] whether to use scour to optimize SVG output True if scour is in $PATH, False otherwise
MATH_SVG["svgo"]["args"] CLI arguments for svgo ["--multipass", "--precision", "5"]
MATH_SVG["svgo"]["enabled"] whether to use svgo to optimize SVG output True if svgo is in $PATH, False otherwise


Contributions are welcome and much appreciated. Every little bit helps. You can contribute by improving the documentation, adding missing features, and fixing bugs. You can also help out by reviewing and commenting on existing issues.

To start contributing to this plugin, review the Contributing to Pelican documentation, beginning with the Contributing Code section.


This project is licensed under the GPLv3 license.

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