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Transforms pep8 or flake8 output into an HTML report.

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Transform pep8 or flake8 output to HTML

To install pepper8, simply use pip.

pip install pepper8

Or you can clone the latest master branch and build using setuptools

git clone && cd pepper8 && python install


pepper8 operates in two different input modes and two different output modes. To read pep8 / flake8 status reports from file use

pepper8 -o report.html <filename>

or you can pipe output from another file or process

cat flake8.out | pepper8 > report.html

If no output file is specified with -o, the HTML report is written to stdout, allowing output redirection or piping

pepper8 <filename> | less

Build statistics

When pepper8 is run using an output file -o <filename>, it will check its run environment and print out available build statistics to stdout.

Currently, only TeamCity build statistics are supported with keys pepper8warnings and pepper8errors.

If you wish to enable full parsing of all PEP 8 / Flake8 errors as failures in TeamCity, there already exists a package called TeamCity-messages which will be treated as build errors in TeamCity.

The TeamCity build statistics provided by pepper8 is only intended to provide statistical data for use in custom build report graphs in addition to the HTML report.

Screenshots from TeamCity integration

Pepper8 PEP 8 HTML Report

Pepper8 PEP 8 HTML Report

TeamCity custom chart data using custom buildStatistics messages if run under TeamCity

Custom TeamCity Flake8/PEP8 Warning/Error build metrics



Expand pepper8 to account for all possible alphanumeric violation codes on a [A-Z][0-9]{3,4} format. Updated broken link to flake8-readthedocs.


Fixed a Python 2 and 3 compatibility issue. Added changelog to README.


Fixed a bug causing missed statistics for last file. Split the title summary stats into the Flake8 plugins.


Changed links in HTML report to default to new window. This prevents TeamCity to display blank page due to loading of “unsafe scripts” inside the iframe.


A few bugfixes


Initial release

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