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Simple Scheduler for Dramatiq Task Queue

Project description

Simple Scheduler for Dramatiq Task Queue

dramatiq task queue is great but lake a scheduler. This project fills the gap.


  • Cron-like scheduling.
  • Single process.
  • Fast and simple implementation.
  • Easy on ressources using SIGALRM.
  • No dependency except dramatiq ones.
  • CLI consistent with dramatiq.
  • Skip outdated message.


periodiq is licensed under LGPL 3.0+.

$ pip install periodiq

Declare periodic tasks like this:

# filename:

import dramatiq
from periodiq import PeriodiqMiddleWare, cron

broker.add_middleware(PeriodiqMiddleWare(skip_delay=30))'0 * * * *))
def hourly():
    # Do something each hour…

Then, run scheduler with:

$ periodiq -v app
[INFO] Starting Periodiq, a simple scheduler for Dramatiq.
[INFO] Registered periodic actors:
[INFO]     m h dom mon dow          module:actor@queue
[INFO]     ------------------------ ------------------
[INFO]     0 * * * *                app:hourly@default


If you need help or found a bug, mind opening a GitLab issue on the project. French and English spoken.

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