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Command line tool for PostgreSQL server activity monitoring.

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Command line tool for PostgreSQL server activity monitoring.

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pg_activity requires Python 3.6 or later. It can be installed using pip (available, e.g., as apt install python3-pip on Debian-based distributions):

$ python3 -m pip install pg_activity psycopg2-binary

or directly from your Linux distribution, if available, e.g.:

$ sudo apt install pg-activity

pg_activity requires psycopg2 version 2.8 or higher.


pg_activity works locally or remotely. In local execution context, to obtain sufficient rights to display system informations, the system user running pg_activity must be the same user running postgresql server (postgres by default), or have more rights like root. Otherwise, pg_activity can fallback to a degraded mode without displaying system informations. On the same way, PostgreSQL user used to connect to the database must be super-user. ex:

sudo -u postgres pg_activity -U postgres


pg_activity [options]

    --version             Show program's version number and exit
    -U USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
                          Database user name (default: "postgres").
    -p PORT, --port=PORT  Database server port (default: "5432").
    -h HOSTNAME, --host=HOSTNAME
                          Database server host or socket directory (default:
    -d DBNAME, --dbname=DBNAME
                          Database name to connect to (default: "postgres").
    --blocksize=BLOCKSIZE Filesystem blocksize (default: 4096).
    --rds                 Enable support for AWS RDS.
    --output=FILEPATH     Store running queries as CSV.
    --help                Show this help message and exit.
    --no-db-size          Skip total size of DB.
    --min-duration        Don't display queries with smaller than specified
                          duration (in seconds).
                          Queries display mode. Values: 1-TRUNCATED,
                          2-FULL(default), 3-INDENTED
                          Duration mode. Values: 1-QUERY(default),
                          2-TRANSACTION, 3-BACKEND

Display options, you can exclude some columns by using them :
    --no-database         Disable DATABASE.
    --no-user             Disable USER.
    --no-client           Disable CLIENT.
    --no-cpu              Disable CPU%.
    --no-mem              Disable MEM%.
    --no-read             Disable READ/s.
    --no-write            Disable WRITE/s.
    --no-time             Disable TIME+.
    --no-wait             Disable W.
    --no-app-name         Disable App.


Length of SQL query text that pg_activity reports relies on PostgreSQL parameter track_activity_query_size. Default value is 1024 (expressed in bytes). If your SQL query text look truncated, you should increase track_activity_query_size.

Interactives commands

Key Action
r Sort by READ/s, descending
w Sort by WRITE/s, descending
c Sort by CPU%, descending
m Sort by MEM%, descending
t Sort by TIME+, descending
T Change duration mode: query, transaction, backend
Space Pause on/off
v Change queries display mode: full, indented, truncated
UP/DOWN Scroll processes list
k/j Scroll processes list
q Quit
+ Increase refresh time. Maximum value : 5s
- Decrease refresh time. Minimum Value : 0.5s
F1/1 Running queries list
F2/2 Waiting queries list
F3/3 Blocking queries list
h Help page
R Refresh
D Refresh Database Size (including when --no-dbzise option applied)

Navigation mode

Key Action
UP/k Move up the cursor
DOWN/j Move down the cursor
K Terminate the current backend/tagged backends
C Cancel the current backend/tagged backends
Space Tag or untag the process
q Quit
Other Back to activity


I can't see my queries only TPS is shown

pg_activity scans the view pg_stat_activity with a user defined refresh time comprised between O.5 and 5 seconds. It can be modified in the interface with the + and - keys. Any query executed between two scans won't be displayed.

What is more, pg_activity uses different queries to get :

  • settings from pg_settings
  • version info using version()
  • queries and number of connections from pg_stat_activity
  • locks from pg_locks
  • tps from pg_database using pg_stat_get_db_xact_commit() and pg_stat_get_db_xact_rollback()
  • and more ( eg : pg_cancel_backend() and pg_terminate_backend() )

Thoses queries cannot be seen in the query tab because all queries issued from the pg_activity backend are considered as noise and are not displayed . On the other hand, the transactions used to get the info for pg_activity's reporting are still accounted for by postgres in pg_stat_get_db_xact_commit() and pg_stat_get_db_xact_commit(). Therefore pg_activity will display a non zero TPS even with no activity on the database, and/or no activity displayed on screen.

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