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Yet Another Python wrapper for GraphicsMagick

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pgmagick is a yet another boost.python based wrapper for GraphicsMagick .


install to:

$ pip install pgmagick


Python3.5++ (or Python2.7), GraphicsMagick and Boost.Python.

package install on Debian Buster:

$ apt-get install g++ libgraphicsmagick++1-dev libboost-python-dev

package install on Ubuntu(test on Ubuntu10.04+):

### Ubuntu11.10+ ###
$ apt-get install python-pgmagick

### Ubuntu10.04+ ###
$ apt-get install libgraphicsmagick++1-dev
$ apt-get install libboost-python1.40-dev

package install on Fedora:

$ yum install GraphicsMagick-c++-devel
$ yum install boost-devel

GraphicsMagick from source package:

$ ./configure --enable-shared=yes
$ make && make install


via homebrew-cask(homebrew-pgmagick) with Python3

use homebrew-pgmagick

$ brew tap hhatto/pgmagick
$ brew install pgmagick

via homebrew-cask(homebrew-pgmagick) with Python3

via homebrew and pip with Python3

on MacOSX (10.13.5~10.15.x):

$ brew install python
$ brew install graphicsmagick
$ brew install boost-python3
$ pip install pgmagick


Now, not official support. However, unofficial binary packages exists.

ImageMagick support

pgmagick is supported to ImageMagick library. (version:0.4+)

package install on Ubuntu(test on Ubuntu10.04+):

$ apt-get install libmagick++-dev

show library name and version:

>>> from pgmagick import gminfo
>>> gminfo.library
'GraphicsMagick'    # or 'ImageMagick'
>>> gminfo.version


scale example:

>>> from pgmagick import Image
>>> im = Image('input.jpg')
>>> im.quality(100)
>>> im.scale('100x100')
>>> im.sharpen(1.0)
>>> im.write('output.jpg')

resize example:

>>> from pgmagick import Image
>>> im = Image('input.jpg')
>>> im.filterType(FilterTypes.SincFilter)
>>> im.resize('100x100')
>>> im.write('output.jpg')

composite example:

>>> from pgmagick import Image, CompositeOperator as co
>>> base = Image('base.png')
>>> layer = Image('layer_one.png')
>>> base.composite(layer, 100, 100, co.OverCompositeOp)
>>> im.write('output.png')

draw example:

>>> from pgmagick import Image, DrawableCircle, DrawableText, Geometry, Color
>>> im = Image(Geometry(300, 300), Color("yellow"))
>>> circle = DrawableCircle(100, 100, 20, 20)
>>> im.draw(circle)
>>> im.fontPointsize(65)
>>> text = DrawableText(30, 250, "Hello pgmagick")
>>> im.draw(text)
>>> im.write('hoge.png')

blob access:

>>> from pgmagick import Image, Blob, Geometry
>>> blob = Blob(open('filename.jpg').read())
>>> blob.update(open('filename2.jpg').read())
>>> img = Image(blob, Geometry(600, 480))
>>> img.scale('300x200')
>>> img.write('out.jpg')

create animated-GIF:

from pgmagick import Image, ImageList, Geometry, Color

imgs = ImageList()
for color in ('red', 'blue', 'green', 'black', 'yellow'):
    imgs.append(Image(Geometry(200, 200), Color(color)))
imgs.scaleImages(Geometry(100, 100))

more API detail… read to Magick++ API for GraphicsMagick document.

Python APIs(NOTICE!! this api is alpha version!!):

>>> from pgmagick.api import Image
>>> img = Image((300, 300), "gradient:#ffffff-#000000")
>>> img.scale(0.8)
>>> img.write('out.png')

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