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An Execution Framework for pyPhase projects

Project description

pyPhase Project-builder

This Generator will create a ready-to-go pyPhase-Project, based on a config-Yaml.


pip install phases

create project.yaml


name: myProject
namespace: myGroup
    - name: Phase1
      description: my first phase
      exports: [myData]
    - name: Phase2
      description: my second phase

run with python myProject


name: "sleepClassificationCNN"
namespace: tud.ibmt
    - ObjectExporter
    - KerasExporter
        - name: DataWrapper
          description: get EDF Data
            - trainingRaw
            - validationRaw
            - evaluationRaw
        - name: EDF4SleepStages
          description: Prepare EDF Data for sleep stage recognition
            - trainingTransformed
            - validationTransformed
        - name: SleepPhaseDetectionModel
          description: Create Model for sleep stage recognition
            - model
        - name: SleepPhaseDetectionModel
          description: Create Model for sleep stage recognition


phases create


The generator will create stubs for each phase, exporter and generator that does not exists in the pyPhase-Package. The stubs are in the project folder and implement empty method that are required.

To implement your project, you only need to fill those methods. For the minimal example you need to fill the main-methods of Phase1 (myProject/phases/ and Phase2.


If you want to run the whole Project run: python [ProjectName] for the minimal example: python myProject

To run a single stage: python [ProjectName] [StageName] for the minimal example: python myProject stage2

additional files

  • doc/ placeholder for documentation

  • .editorconfig some settings for supporting IDE about File encoding and formats (see

  • .gitignore some folders and files that should be ignored by git (see

  • requirements.txt the python requirements (just pyPhases in an empty project)

  • an Readme file

  • Dockerfile a simple dockerfile that can be used to run the project in a container (The FROM image should properly changed)

  • docker-compose.yml this is a helper to create and run the container. simply run docker-compose up or docker compose run --rm [projectname] [stagename]

  • .gitlab-ci.yml a Configuration for the Gitlab-CI Pipeline, that will be automaticly run if there is a push to gitlab

Project details

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