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Plone integration for plone.contentrules

Project description

Introduction provides Plone-specific conditions and actions, as well as a user interface for plone.contentrules.

Compatibility with Plone versions

The 3.x series is intended for usage with Plone 4.3 and up and features the new content rules UI. Development of this package continues in the master branch.

For use with versions of Plone earlier than 4.3, use versions <= 2.2.1. Development of maintenance versions can be found in the 2.x branch.


5.0.3 (2023-10-07)


  • Update configuration files. [plone devs] (cfffba8c)

5.0.2 (2023-04-15)


  • Update configuration files. [plone devs] (0b0246aa)

5.0.1 (2023-04-06)

Bug fixes:

  • Explicitly mark exclude_actor as not-required [erral] (#77)

  • Make modal action and condition editing modal screens bigger [erral] (#78)


  • Update configuration files. [plone devs] (#47959565)

5.0.0 (2022-11-30)

Bug fixes:

  • Final release. [gforcada] (#600)

5.0.0b2 (2022-07-14)

Bug fixes:

  • Remove unneeded i18n:translate call [erral] (#73, #74)

5.0.0b1 (2022-06-23)

Bug fixes:

  • Add missing i18n tags [erral] (#72)

5.0.0a5 (2022-05-15)

Breaking changes:

  • Code style, use plone.base and remove Archetypes bbb code. [jensens] (#71)

5.0.0a4 (2022-04-04)

Breaking changes:

  • Remove handling of Archetypes and portal_factory. [pbauer] (70-2)

  • Improve management UI and move JS to mockup es6. [agitator, MrTango] (#70)

Bug fixes:

  • Updated dependencies: ZODB and Zope instead of ZODB3 and Zope2. [maurits] (#46)

5.0.0a3 (2021-12-29)

Bug fixes:

  • remove obsolete info icon update element management to bootstrap5 [petschki] (#66)

5.0.0a2 (2021-09-15)

Bug fixes:

  • Remove cyclic dependency with Products.CMFPlone [ericof] (#64)

5.0.0a1 (2021-04-20)

Breaking changes:

  • Update for Plone 6 with Bootstrap markup [andreesg, agitator] (#63)

4.1.6 (2021-01-08)

Bug fixes:

  • Simplify test setup by using the MOCK_MAILHOST_FIXTURE (#59)

4.1.5 (2020-09-26)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed deprecation warning for ComponentLookupError. Fixed deprecation warning for Fixed deprecation warning for IObjectEvent from zope.component. [maurits] (#3130)

  • Fixed test failures on Python 3 with Products.MailHost 4.10. [maurits] (#3178)

4.1.4 (2020-04-20)

Bug fixes:

  • Minor packaging updates. (#1)

4.1.3 (2019-11-25)

Bug fixes:

  • fix genericsetup export of properties of rules that have more complex fields such as IDict. (#50)

4.1.2 (2019-10-12)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix file extension condition. [mtrebron] (#48)

4.1.1 (2019-03-21)

New features:

  • Add new action Version object. [gbastien] (#44)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix default value for a msgid [erral] (#42)

4.1 (2018-10-30)

New features:

  • Adapt tests to Products.GenericSetup >= 2.0 thus requiring at least that version.

Bug fixes:

  • Migrate all tests to use dexterity [pbauer]

  • Work around issue where new item is moved before it’s completely added [davisagli]

  • Fix all tests with py3 and py2 [pbauer, alert, davisagli]

4.0.18 (2018-02-04)

Bug fixes:

  • Add Python 2 / 3 compatibility [pbauer]

  • Fix test with CMF 2.3. [davisagli]

4.0.17 (2017-07-20)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix UnicodeEncodeError if portal from name contains Umlauts [agitator]

4.0.16 (2017-05-23)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix action edit form. Previously, changes would not be persisted due to a bug. [malthe]

4.0.15 (2017-05-06)

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure error message is an unicode object [mtrebron]

  • Cleanup: isort, autopep8, manual formatting. [jensens]

  • Cleanup: update code to follow Plone styleguide. [gforcada]

4.0.14 (2017-04-02)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where content rules edit forms were broken because of move of getIcon from @@plone to @@plone_layout [datakurre]

4.0.13 (2016-12-30)

Bug fixes:

  • In browser tests, specify the buttons to be clicked by their name instead of their index. [thet]

  • Fix import location for Products.ATContentTypes.interfaces. [thet]

4.0.12 (2016-11-10)

Bug fixes:

  • Add coding header to python files. [gforcada]

4.0.11 (2016-08-17)


  • Use zope.interface decorator. [gforcada]

  • Replace docstring mentions of Formlib with z3c.form [staeff]

4.0.10 (2015-11-26)


4.0.9 (2015-10-28)


  • CSRF fix: safe write on read. [gforcada]

4.0.8 (2015-09-20)

  • Fix i18n in [vincentfretin]

  • Pull email_charset from the configuration registry instead of site properties [esteele]

4.0.7 (2015-09-11)

4.0.6 (2015-07-18)

  • Use MockMailHost of Plone for tests [tomgross]

  • Make configlets titles consistent across the site, first letter capitalized [sneridagh]

4.0.5 (2015-06-05)

  • Move to z3c.form [vangheem]

4.0.4 (2015-05-30)

  • Removed CMFDefault dependency [tomgross]

4.0.3 (2015-05-04)

  • I18n fixes. [vincentfretin]

  • pat-modal pattern has been renamed to pat-plone-modal [jcbrand]

4.0.2 (2015-03-20)

  • Nothing changed yet.

4.0.1 (2015-03-11)

  • Fetch email settings from registry instead of properties. Refs PLIP 10359. [jcerjak, khink]

  • Fix control panel to work with Plone 5 Modals [vangheem]

4.0.0 (2014-10-23)

  • Ported tests to [tomgross]

  • Registered the copy event so rules can now be triggered for it. [alecghica]

  • Integration of the new markup update and CSS for both Plone and Barceloneta theme. This is the work done in the GSOC Barceloneta theme project. [albertcasado, sneridagh]

3.0.7 (2014-04-13)

  • Do not write on read [vangheem]

3.0.6 (2014-01-27)

  • Make sure CHANGES.rst is included in distributions. [esteele]

3.0.5 (2014-01-27)

  • Fixed 3.0.4 regression: add/move/remove events where not handled anymore on discussion items. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Fixed reordering of actions / conditions. This occurred when ‘jq’ was not defined as ‘jQuery’. [thomasdesvenain]

  • User that manage a rule can now allow actions executed by this rule to recursively trigger other rules. For example, if you have a rule that automatically publish added content, and an other rule that sends an email when a content is published, if autopublish rule is marked as ‘cascading’, then send mail rule will be triggered. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Mail action: if string interpolation of recipient gives several times the same email address, the email is sent only once to this recipient. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Workaround KeyError: context for unicode TALES expressions in content rules by providing the expression context. This was triggered by a TALES expression such as u'string:${portal_url}. [davidjb]

3.0.4 (2013-08-13)

  • When we assign a rule, it is enabled by default and is applied to subfolders. When we apply a rule to subfolders, it is enabled if it wasn’t. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Provides an API to easily deal with rules assignment management. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Do not display Rules action unless some Content Rules are defined. [runyaga]

  • Fix overlay acting funky on the delete action [vangheem]

  • Move, Removed and Added handlers are not launched anymore on non contentish objects. This fixes plone upgrades - content rules where launched on tools. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Fixed i18n [jianaijun]

3.0.3 (2013-05-30)

  • Any event can use the tales condition [thomasdesvenain]

  • Remove handler for ‘User removed’ event [thomasdesvenain]

3.0.2 (2013-05-23)

  • Fix for Plone 4.3: fixed enable back content rules after having disabled it. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Import step depends on workflow step so that rules can manage specific transitions / states of profile. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Add stub nextURL method to to prevent security WARNING message on startup: “Init Class has a security declaration for nonexistent method ‘nextURL’” [smcmahon]

  • Content rules can handle user events [Julien Marinescu, kiorky]

  • Any event can use the email handler [Julien Marinescu, kiorky]

3.0.1 (2013-04-06)

  • Use single quotes instead of double to avoid breaking translation [ericof]

  • Fix multi assignment of rules [ericof]

3.0 (2013-03-05)

  • Improve management pages user interface :

    • Improve and ajaxify rules table. Avoids scrolling and page reloads.

    • Improve rules table filter (multiple selection, more readable).

    • Improve content rules forms usability. We are redirected to edit form after a rule has been added.

    • Add form and Edit form are now consistent.

    • Notify user by many ways when a rule is not assigned anywhere yet.

    • We can assign a rule on whole site by a simple button.

    • Ajaxify conditions and actions reordering and removing.

    • Focus on elements after adding an action or a condition.

    • Improve rule edit pages breadcrumbs.

    • Added tests. [vsomogyi, thomasdesvenain, vangheem contribution wimbou, made @ploneconf2012 sprint]

2.2.1 (2013-01-01)

  • Remove KSS dependency. [davisagli]

2.2.0 (2012-10-16)

  • Unified the site setup html structure [TH-code]

2.1.9 (2012-08-30)

  • Change mail template to use hex for curly brackets so that it doesn’t barf when used with chameleon. This is a short term fix until is appropriately fixed. [eleddy]

  • Notify user with error message instead of a core dump if they set up a content mail action without the mailer set up. Prevents users from throwing computer out of window when they click save and all their hard entered data is gone. [eleddy]

2.1.8 (2012-08-11)

  • Adding a content rule is not handled by ‘added’ rule… Fixes infinite loop on adding a content rule. [thomasdesvenain]

  • ContainerModified event is excluded from ‘modified’ event handling. This avoids for example adding a comment to launch ‘modified’ rules registered for it. [thomasdesvenain]

2.1.7 (2012-08-04)

  • Added an option in email action to exclude user who did the action from recipients. [thomasdesvenain]

2.1.6 (2012-07-02)

  • Avoid hard dependency on Archetypes. [davisagli]

  • Fixed portaltype condition made type creation fail in portal_types. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Don’t trigger modified actions if the event was for adding or removing content. Fixes #12461 [do3cc]

  • Logger action: Default values that make sense for “Logger name” (Plone) and “Logging level” (20). [kleist]

2.1.5 (2012-04-15)

  • Fixed <link /> element wasn’t closed in controlpanel. [mjpieters]

2.1.4 (2012-01-04)

  • Fix missing CMF Permissions declaration in ZCML declaration (Julien Stegle) [encolpe]

  • Fixed wrong error plone message after a failure on a delete content rule. [thomasdesvenain]

2.1.3 - 2011-06-19

  • Fixed i18n regression caused by the pep8 cleanup. [vincentfretin]

2.1.2 - 2011-05-12

  • If email content rule ‘From’ field interpolation gives empty string, from is site from address. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Import IEndRequestEvent from zope.publisher instead of [davisagli]

  • Rules execution filter is no more based on event context, but in rule assignment context. This allows the same rule to be executed on different objects during the same request, including during the same test. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Fixed: When two or more objects are initialized during the same request, ‘Object added’ content rule handler is executed only once. Refs [thomasdesvenain]

  • Add [WouterVH]

  • Internationalization fix on local rules management screen. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Use site_url instead of deprecated portal_url. [WouterVH]

  • Code cleanup and some PEP8. [WouterVH]

2.1.1 - 2011-04-03

2.1.0 - 2011-01-03

  • Depend on Products.CMFPlone instead of Plone. [elro]

  • Use plone.uuid to look up content UUIDs. [toutpt, davisagli]

  • Protect content rules management views using the “Content rules: Manage rules” permission, instead of the generic “Manage portal”. [davisagli]

  • Do not force to send mails in same transaction if mail queuing is on. [thomasdesvenain]

2.0.6 - 2011-01-03

  • Protect content rules management views using the “Content rules: Manage rules” permission, instead of the generic “Manage portal”. [davisagli]

  • Do not force to send mails in same transaction if mail queuing is on. [thomasdesvenain]

2.0.5 - 2010-11-06

2.0.4 - 2010-10-27

  • Added missing </thead> tag. [swampmonkey]

  • Fixed typo on logger message field description. [thomasdesvenain]

2.0.3 - 2010-09-28

  • Internationalize event trigger types. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Added user login variable ‘&u’ to use in logger action message template. [thomasdesvenain]

2.0.2 - 2010-09-20

  • Internationalize some values on management pages. [thomasdesvenain]

2.0.1 - 2010-09-09

  • Raises an ImportError in generic setup import if the value for the “event” attribute in contentrules.xml rule element can’t be imported. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Fix duplicate rule filter crashed at site root level in Acquisition Wrapper case. This closes [thomasdesvenain]

  • Mail action doesn’t add an error log when recipient list is empty, it just doesn’t send the mail. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Fix for Chameleon compatibility. [vangheem]

2.0 - 2010-07-18

  • Update license to GPL version 2 only. [hannosch]

  • Code cleanup and some PEP8. [hannosch]

2.0b4 - 2010-06-13

  • Avoid deprecation warnings under Zope 2.13. [hannosch]

  • Updated to use five.formlib. [hannosch]

2.0b3 - 2010-04-12

2.0b2 - 2010-02-17

2.0b1 - 2010-01-11

2.0a2 - 2009-12-27

  • Declare package dependencies and replace zope.thread by the standard libraries threading module. [hannosch]

  • Prepend mail messages with \n to avoid interpretation of first line as a mail header. [smcmahon]

  • Renamed label_contentrules_rule_enabled by label_contentrules_rule_enabled_question in It conflicted with label_contentrules_rule_enabled in plone/app/contentrules/browser/templates/ [vincentfretin]

  • Don’t include <q> tag in title_contentrules_assigned message. [vincentfretin]

2.0a1 - 2009-11-14

  • Use zope.container and zope.browser in favor of dependencies. [hannosch]

  • Change mailing send action to use “immediate=True” so that we can catch SMTPException. See note with code. [smcmahon]

  • Fixed typo in, so the disable button was not properly translated. [vincentfretin]

  • Log error rather than fail with exception on MailHostError in mail action. [smcmahon]

  • Use plone.stringinterp for adaptable string substitution in mail action. Plip #9256. [smcmahon]

  • Removed SecureMailHost dependency. [alecm]

  • Adjusted some import statements to use the new zope.container. [hannosch]

1.1.7 - 2010-09-20

1.1.6 - 2009-05-16

  • Add check to see if getTypeInfo can be None (which is a valid value) [tesdal]

  • Changed the simplepublish test to use a copy instead of a move action. The move action causes the content item to be moved away while editing it and causes a NotFound error. In Plone 3 this is hidden by the customized NotFound handling. [hannosch]

  • Fixed GenericSetup tests layer to not pollute the general test environment. [hannosch]

  • Modified a macro call in for forwards compatibility with Zope 2.12. [davisagli]

  • Fixed a SyntaxError in test_configuration. [hannosch]

1.1.1 - 2008-04-18

1.1 - 2008-04-20

  • Ensure that if a contentrules.xml step is imported twice, conditions and actions are not duplicated. Fixes [optilude]

  • Fix invalid leading space in all ‘Up to Site Setup’ links. [wichert]

1.1.0a1 - 2008-03-09

  • Fixed a small bug related to getTypeInfo() being acquired. [optilude]

  • Fixed bug causing content rule actions/conditions to not be properly saved. [optilude]

  • Merge PLIP 204 - GenericSetup support. A contentrules.xml file can now be used to import and export rule definitions and assignments. [optilude]

1.0.5 - 2008-01-03

  • Made absolute_url() work properly on the custom adding views. This is necessary for the <base /> URL to be set correctly. [optilude]

  • Made absolute_url() work across the namespace traversal adapters for rules, actions and conditions, at time resorting to some serious Cowboy Development. [optilude]

  • Adjusted tests for different payload in newer kss versions. [hannosch]

1.0 - 2007-08-17

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