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Adaptable string interpolation

Project description

Provides ${id} style string interpolation using named adapters to look up variables. This is meant to provide a trivially simple template system for clients like

To interpolate a string in context, just follow the pattern:

from plone.stringinterp.interfaces import IStringInterpolator

IStringInterpolator(context)("Here is the title: ${title}")

Substitution of variables that are part of the Dublin Core are provided with the package. To provide additional substitutions, provide a named adapter implementing interfaces.IStringSubstitution for your context. The adapter name is used for the lookup.

You can also wrap your context with IContextWrapper adapter if you need to pass custom messages within your substitutions.

Implemented Substitutions

All Content

  • id

  • parent_id

  • url

  • parent_url

Minimal Dublin Core

  • title

  • description

  • type (content type)

Workflow Aware

  • review_state

  • review_state_title

Dublin Core

  • creator

  • creator_fullname

  • creator_email

  • creators

  • creators_emails

  • contributors

  • contributors_emails

  • subject

  • format (mime type)

  • language

  • rights

  • identifier

Catalogable Dublin Core

Everything should be in long local time format

  • created

  • effective

  • expires

  • modified

Member / Group Information for roles on content

  • owner_emails

  • reviewer_emails

  • manager_emails

  • member_emails

  • user_email

Current User Information

  • user_fullname

  • user_id

Last Change (workflow or version) Information

  • change_comment

  • change_title

  • change_type

  • change_authorid

Source Code

Contributors please read the document Process for Plone core’s development

Sources and issue tracker are at the Plone code repository hosted at Github.


2.0.2 (2024-01-22)


  • Update configuration files. [plone devs] (6e36bcc4, 7723aeaf)

2.0.1 (2023-04-14)


  • Update configuration files. [plone devs] (93e1ab65)

2.0.0 (2023-03-21)

Breaking changes:

  • pyupgrade, drop support for Python < 3.8. isort, black, manual edits. Fix deprecation warnings for imports from Products.CMFPlone. Import and depend from plone.base. (#15)

1.3.3 (2020-09-07)

Bug fixes:

  • Resolve deprecation warning [gforcada] (#14)

1.3.2 (2020-04-22)

Bug fixes:

  • Minor packaging updates. (#1)

1.3.1 (2018-11-04)

Bug fixes:

  • The Format accessor should actually return the format attribute (see plone/Products.CMFPlone#2540) [ale-rt]

1.3.0 (2018-09-28)

New features:

  • Add support for Python 3. [pbauer]

1.2.1 (2016-11-18)

New features:

  • Removed ZopeTestCase. [maurits]

1.2 (2016-09-20)

New features:

  • Provide a ContextWrapper adapter in order to easily pass custom messages to StringInterpoator [avoinea]

1.1.4 (2016-08-18)

Bug fixes:

  • Use zope.interface decorator. [gforcada]

1.1.3 (2016-05-25)


  • Adapt to changes in SimpleViewClass in zope4. [pbauer]

  • Fix typo [staeff]

1.1.2 (2015-03-13)


  • Fixed “RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded” in recursiveGetGroupUsers when you have a group A containing group B containing group A. [vincentfretin]

1.1.1 (2014-11-01)

  • Add creator, creator_fullname, creator_email, creators_emails and contributors_emails [avoinea]

1.1 (2014-02-25)

  • Add portal_url and portal_title. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Add parent_id. [maartenkling]

  • Convert tests to for Plone 5. [davisagli]

1.0.10 (2013-05-30)

  • Added review_state_title substitution variable. [ichim-david]

1.0.9 (2013-05-26)

  • Added id substitution variable that works with content events and user events. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Email substitutions are not restricted to contentish anymore, so we can use them with user events. [thomasdesvenain]

1.0.8 (2013-05-23)

  • Added editor_emails substitution variable. [thomasdesvenain]

1.0.7 (2012-08-11)

  • Added parent_title substitution, which gets the title of the container. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Fixed user_fullname substitution : display user id if fullname is not set. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Do not restrict string interpolation to IContentish if not necessary. Fixes email content rule related with comments. Refs [thomasdesvenain]

1.0.6 (2012-08-04)

  • Added parent_url substitution (the url of the object parent). [thomasdesvenain]

1.0.5 (2012-01-26)

  • Recursive get members works in a non wrapped context (when getting PloneGroups instead of GroupData from GroupTool) [thomasdesvenain]

  • Add [WouterVH]

1.0.4 - 2011-04-01

  • Added contributor_emails and reader_emails substitution variables. [thomasdesvenain]

1.0.3 - 2010-11-11

  • Fix a bug with member email substitutions when a user has been removed from acl_users. [rossp]

1.0.2 - 2010-09-20

  • Role email substitution works with user that have role through a group. [thomasdesvenain]

1.0.1 - 2010-09-15

  • Internationalized ${type} substitution. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Fixed: get emails for role works with local roles. [thomasdesvenain]

1.0 - 2010-07-18

  • Update license to GPL version 2 only. [hannosch]

1.0b1 - 2009-11-12

  • Initial release.

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