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+/- plusminus is a module that builds on the pyparsing infixNotation helper method to build easy-to-code and

Project description


The plusminus package provides a ready-to-run arithmetic parser and evaluator, based on pyparsing's infix_notation helper method.

Strings containing 6-function arithmetic expressions can be parsed and evaluated using the ArithmeticParser:

from plusminus import BaseArithmeticParser

parser = BaseArithmeticParser()

The parser can also return an Abstract Syntax Tree of ArithNode objects:

parsed_elements = parser.parse("2+3/10")

Arithmetic expressions are evaluated following standard rules for operator precedence, allowing for use of parentheses to override:

∩ & ∪ | - ^ ∆ (set operations)
* / // × ÷ mod
+ -
< > <= >= == != ≠ ≤ ≥
in ∈ ∉ (element in/not in set)
and ∧
or ∨
? : (ternary)

Functions can be called:

abs    ceil   max
round  floor  str
trunc  min    bool

The BaseArithmeticParser also supports assignment of variables:

r = 5
area = π × r²

This last expression could be assigned using @= formula assignment:

area @= π × r²

As r is updated, evaluating area will be reevaluated using the new value.

An ArithmeticParser class is also defined, with more extensive operators, including:

!     - factorial  
°     - degree-radian conversion
√ ⁿ√  - square root and n'th root (2-9)
⁻¹  ⁰  ¹  ²  ³ - common exponents as superscripts

and additional pre-defined functions:

sin    asin  rad    gcd
cos    acos  deg    lcm
tan    atan  ln     rnd
sgn    sinh  log    randint
gamma  cosh  log2
hypot  tanh  log10

This parser class can be used in applications using algebra or trigonometry expressions.

Custom expressions can be defined using a simple API. Example parsers are included for other specialized applications and domains:

  • dice rolling ("3d6 + d20")
  • time delta expressions ("today() + 2d + 12h")
  • retail and business expressions ("20% off of 19.99")
  • combinatoric expressions ("6C2" or "5P3" )

These parsers can be incorporated into other applications to support the safe evaluation of user-defined domain-specific expressions.

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