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Convert between different types of cases (unicode supported)

Project description

This is a fork

All credit goes to Alejandro Frias - here is the original repo. I only forked to gain vendorized dependencies.

differences between my fork and the original

  • I needed to remove the 'regex' dependency because it is not pure python and thus couldn't be vendorized.
  • I removed python2 support. It might be trivial to add later but I don't plan on using python2 personally so if you want to use this fork and need support then create a github issue.

Case Conversion

This is a port of the CaseConversion Sublime Plugin, by Davis Clark's, to a regular python package. I couldn't find any other python packages on PyPi at the time (Feb 2016) that could seamlessly convert from any case to any other case without having to specify from what type of case I was converting. This plugin worked really well, so I separated the (non-sublime) python parts of the plugin into this useful python package. I also added Unicode support using the regex package. Credit goes to Davis Clark's and the contributors to that plugin (Scott Bessler, Curtis Gibby, Matt Morrison) for their awesome work on making such a robust and awesome case converter.


  • Autodetection of case (no need to specify explicitly which case you are converting from!)
  • Unicode supported (non-ASCII characters for days!)
  • Acronym detection (no funky splitting on every capital letter of an all caps acronym like HTTPError!)
  • And obviously case conversions from/to the following types of cases:
    • camelcase
    • pascalcase
    • snakecase
    • dashcase
    • spinalcase (alias for dashcase)
    • kebabcase (alias for dashcase)
    • constcase
    • screaming_snakecase (alias for constcase)
    • dotcase
    • separate_words
    • slashcase
    • backslashcase
  • Oh! Python2 and Python3 supported!

Normal use is self-explanatory.

>>> import case_conversion
>>> case_conversion.kebabcase("FOO_BAR_STRING")
>>> print(case_conversion.constcase(u"fóó-bar-string"))

To use acronym detection set detect_acronyms to True and pass in a list of acronyms to detect as whole words.

>>> import case_conversion
>>> case_conversion.snakecase("fooBarHTTPError")
'foo_bar_h_t_t_p_error'  # ewwww
>>> case_conversion.snakecase("fooBarHTTPError", detect_acronyms=True, acronyms=['HTTP'])
'foo_bar_http_error'  # pretty


pip install case-conversion


Using MIT licence with Davis Clark's Copyright

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