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Add dependencies specified in requirements.txt file(s) to your Poetry project

Project description


Add dependencies specified in requirements.txt file(s) to your Poetry project


  • Auto detect charset of requirements.txt file(s) and feed normalized dependency specs to poetry.
  • Stop on first poetry add error.
  • Ignore dependency version requirements specified in requirements.txt file(s).
  • Ignore errors when installing individual dependencies.
  • Pass arbitrary arguments to poetry add after -- at the end of the command.



This is the recommended installation method.

$ pipx install poetry-add-requirements.txt


$ pip install poetry-add-requirements.txt


Run poetry-add-requirements.txt, optionally specify your requirements.txt files and --dev for dev dependencies.

poeareq is provided is an alias to poetry-add-requirements.txt.

$ poeareq --help

usage: poetry-add-requirements.txt [-h] [-D] [-I] [-i] [-n] [-p ...] [-V]
                                   [requirements.txt file(s) ...]

Add dependencies specified in requirements.txt to your Poetry project

positional arguments:
  requirements.txt file(s)
                        Path(s) to your requirements.txt file(s) (default:

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -D, --dev             Add to development dependencies (default: False)
  -I, --ignore-version-requirements
                        Ignore dependency version requirements in
                        requirements.txt file(s) (default: False)
  -i, --ignore-errors   Ignore errors (default: False)
  -n, --dry-run         Dry run, do not add dependencies (default: False)
  -p ..., --poetry-args ...
                        Additional arguments to pass to Poetry, put this at
                        the END of the command (default: None)
  -V, --version         show program's version number and exit

Usage examples and tips

For examples, see


  • Put all req files before any options
  • Put -p, --poetry-args at the end of the command
  • Pass -n, --dry-run to see the poetry commands that would be run


$ git clone
$ cd poetry-add-requirements.txt
$ poetry install

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