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Poetry lock package generator

Project description

Poetry lock package generator

Simple script that will take a pyproject.toml and a poetry.lock and generate a new poetry project where all the lock versions are pinned dependencies.

In theory this will allow you to transport your lock file to any system that is able to install python packages and dependencies.

After installation, the command poetry-lock-package should be run next to your pyproject.toml and poetry.lock files and will generate a subdirectory with a pyproject.toml requiring all the dependencies of the lock file.

Simply enter the subdirectory, build and publish the package and you have a '-lock' package that depends on all the exact versions from your lock file.

Example workflow

The example workflow below will add poetry-lock-package as a dev dependency, allowing poetry run to find the command.

First create a new poetry project

poetry new example-package
cd example-package

Add some dependencies, and see what we have build so far

poetry add loguru click
poetry install
poetry build
ls dist

Add poetry-lock-package to allow for poetry run to find the entry point script:

poetry add --dev poetry-lock-package

Finally build the lock package and see what we have gotten

poetry run poetry-lock-package --build
ls -al dist

You will now have two wheel files in your dist folder: one with the project code, one name example-package-lock which depends on the exact version of all the packages specified in your poetry.lock file.

Using --no-root

Default behavior is to have the lock package depend on the original package the lock was created for. If you have a private repository, this will allow you to publish both packages to the private repository and only require you to point at one package to install everything.

If you want to be able to install the dependencies, but not the package itself, you can use the --no-root command line argument to stop poetry-lock-package from adding your root project to the lock package dependencies.

Using --ignore

If you want to allow pip to have freedom in selecting a package, or you expect to deploy in an environment that already has the right version installed, you can opt to use --ignore to remove that dependency from the lock package pinned dependencies.

Because poetry-lock-package is aware of the dependency graph, it will not only skip locking the dependency but also transitive dependencies.

Contributing code

  • Open an issue

  • Create an associated PR

  • Make sure to black format the proposed change

    poetry run pre-commit install

  • Add tests where possible


GPLv3, use at your own risk.

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