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A Python wrapper for the friendly PokeAPI database

Project description

Pokebase swampert

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pokebase is a simple but powerful Python interface to the PokéAPI database

Maintainer: GregHilmes


Version Support

pokebase 1.3.0 supports Python 3.6. Install it with pip install pokebase

pokebase 1.4.0 drops support for Python 3.6 and adds support for Python >=3.8 <=3.12. Install it with pip install


>>> import pokebase as pb
>>> chesto = pb.APIResource('berry', 'chesto')
>>> charmander = pb.pokemon('charmander') # Quick lookup.
>>> charmander.height
>>> # Now with sprites! (again!)
>>> s1 = pb.SpriteResource('pokemon', 17)
<pokebase.interface.SpriteResource object at 0x7f2f15660860>
>>> s1.url
>>> s2 = pb.SpriteResource('pokemon', 1, other=True, official_artwork=True)
>>> s2.path
>>> s3 = pb.SpriteResource('pokemon', 3, female=True, back=True)
>>> s3.img_data b'x89PNGrnx1anx00x00x00rIHDRx00x00x00 ... xca^x7fxbbd\*x00x00x00x00IENDxaeB`x82'

... And it's just that simple.


  • an endpoint is the results of an API call like or
  • a resource is the actual data, from a call to


Python unit tests are in a separate tests directory and can be run via python -m tests.

Notes to the developer using this module

The quick data lookup for a Pokémon type, is pokebase.type_('type-name'), not pokebase.type('type-name'). This is because of a naming conflict with the built-in type function, were you to from pokebase import *.

When changing the cache, avoid importing the cache constants directly. You should only import them with the whole cache module. If you do not do this, calling set_cache will not change your local copy of the variable.


>>> from pokebase.cache import API_CACHE

Do this :)

>>> from pokebase import cache
>>> cache.API_CACHE

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pokebase-1.4.1.tar.gz (15.5 kB view hashes)

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