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Library and scripts to remap satellite data to a grid

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Polar2Grid and Geo2Grid are a set of tools for extracting data from earth-observing satellite instruments, remapping it to uniform grids, and writing that gridded data to a new file format. As the names suggest, Polar2Grid is meant to operate on polar-orbiting satellite data and Geo2Grid on geostationary satellite data. Due to the projects sharing a lot of internal functionality their code bases are stored in the same code repository. Both projects are created by scientists and software developers at the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Polar2Grid is distributed as part of the Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP) for processing of data received via direct broadcast antennas. Geo2Grid is distributed as part of the CSPP Geo project for processing of data received via direct broadcast antennas. Although both projects were created to serve the direct broadcast community, they can be used on most archived data files. See the documentation for specific functionality.

Polar2Grid Documentation

Geo2Grid Documentation

GitHub Repository

Polar2Grid Contact


CSPP Geo Forum


It is recommended that users use the official Polar2Grid/Geo2Grid release compatible with RHEL6+ systems whenever possible. This tarball is available through the CSPP team’s website (see above). To install the Polar2Grid python package (used for Polar2Grid and Geo2Grid) from source, run:

pip install .

Other Installation Methods

The “polar2grid” package that powers the official CSPP Polar2Grid and CSPP Geo Geo2Grid all-in-one tarballs is also released as a traditional python package on PyPI and conda-forge. Installing the package in this way allows Polar2Grid and Geo2Grid functionality to be used from non-Linux systems. The python package can be installed into your normal Python 3.8+ environment by doing the following in a conda environment (recommended):

conda install -c conda-forge polar2grid

Or with pip:

pip install polar2grid

Once the package is installed the regular “” and “” scripts are available. For systems without the bash shell available there are also “geo2grid” and “polar2grid” wrapper scripts available. For example:

polar2grid -h


Feel free to submit issues and pull requests on Github or contact us (see above) about more involved feature requests. We do ask that before you add features yourself or fix complex issues that you contact us in some way. Both projects are in active development and features and fixes are added all the time. Developers should see the Developer’s Guide for more information on the internals of both projects.


The majority of Polar2Grid is written in python, but some of the components may use third-party C or Fortran binaries for various processing algorithms. To make it easier to create our CSPP distribution (aka the software bundle) and for any pure python users we provide the source for some of these executables in the root of the repository.

  • polar2grid: The Polar2Grid python package.

  • swbundle: Helper scripts and other files provided in the Polar2Grid Software Bundle released by the CSPP team.

  • modis_crefl: Copy of the MODIS Corrected Reflectance software (CREFL) that includes updates for building with Makefile

  • viirs_crefl: Copy of the VIIRS Corrected Reflectance software (CREFL) that includes updates for building with Makefile

  • ms2gt: Custom version of the ms2gt software package with bug fixes and

    optimizations. This is not used as of P2Gv2.0 and will be removed in future revisions.

  • etc: Configuration files used to customize the SatPy package for Polar2Grid users.

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