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Pollination Server OpenAPI Definition

This Python package is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:

  • API version: 0.43.0
  • Package version: 1.0.0
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.PythonClientCodegen For more information, please visit


Python 2.7 and 3.4+

Installation & Usage

pip install

If the python package is hosted on a repository, you can install directly using:

pip install git+

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install git+

Then import the package:

import pollination_sdk


Install via Setuptools.

python install --user

(or sudo python install to install the package for all users)

Then import the package:

import pollination_sdk

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

from __future__ import print_function

import time
import pollination_sdk
from import ApiException
from pprint import pprint

# Defining host is optional and default to http://localhost = "http://localhost"
# Create an instance of the API class
api_instance = pollination_sdk.UsersApi(pollination_sdk.ApiClient(configuration))
search = 'search_example' # str | Search string to find users (optional)
page = 1 # int | Page number starting from 1 (optional) (default to 1)
per_page = 25 # int | Number of items per page (optional) (default to 25)

    # List Users
    api_response = api_instance.list_users(search=search, page=page, per_page=per_page)
except ApiException as e:
    print("Exception when calling UsersApi->list_users: %s\n" % e)

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to http://localhost

Class Method HTTP request Description
APITokensApi create_token POST /tokens Create a new API token
APITokensApi delete_token DELETE /tokens/{token_id} Delete an API Token
APITokensApi list_tokens GET /tokens List user API tokens
APITokensApi regenerate_token PUT /tokens/{token_id} Regenerate an API token
AccountsApi check_account_name GET /accounts/check/{name} Check if an account with this name exists
AccountsApi get_account GET /accounts/{name} Get an account by name
AccountsApi list_accounts GET /accounts List Accounts on the Pollination platform
AccountsApi list_quotas GET /accounts/{name}/quotas List Quotas
ApplicationsApi create_application POST /applications/{owner} Create an Application
ApplicationsApi delete_application DELETE /applications/{owner}/{slug} Delete a Application
ApplicationsApi delete_application_org_permission DELETE /applications/{owner}/{slug}/permissions Remove a Application permissions
ApplicationsApi delete_application_version DELETE /applications/{owner}/{slug}/versions/{tag} Remove a Application version
ApplicationsApi get_application GET /applications/{owner}/{slug} Get an application
ApplicationsApi get_application_access_permissions GET /applications/{owner}/{slug}/permissions Get application access permissions
ApplicationsApi get_application_deployment GET /applications/{owner}/{slug}/deployment Get application deployment
ApplicationsApi get_application_versions GET /applications/{owner}/{slug}/versions Get application versions
ApplicationsApi list_applications GET /applications List Applications
ApplicationsApi update_application PUT /applications/{owner}/{slug} Update a Application
ApplicationsApi upsert_application_permission PATCH /applications/{owner}/{slug}/permissions Upsert a new permission to a application
ApplicationsApi upsert_application_version PATCH /applications/{owner}/{slug}/versions Upsert a new version to a application
ArtifactsApi create_artifact POST /projects/{owner}/{name}/artifacts Get an Artifact upload link.
ArtifactsApi delete_artifact DELETE /projects/{owner}/{name}/artifacts Delete one or many artifacts by key/prefix
ArtifactsApi download_artifact GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/artifacts/download Download an artifact from the project folder
ArtifactsApi list_artifacts GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/artifacts List artifacts in a project folder
JobsApi cancel_job PUT /projects/{owner}/{name}/jobs/{job_id}/cancel Cancel a Job
JobsApi create_job POST /projects/{owner}/{name}/jobs Schedule a job
JobsApi delete_job DELETE /projects/{owner}/{name}/jobs/{job_id} Delete a Job
JobsApi download_job_artifact GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/jobs/{job_id}/artifacts/download Download an artifact from the job folder
JobsApi get_job GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/jobs/{job_id} Get a Job
JobsApi list_jobs GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/jobs List Jobs
JobsApi retry_job PUT /projects/{owner}/{name}/jobs/{job_id}/retry Retry failed runs for a Job
JobsApi search_job_folder GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/jobs/{job_id}/artifacts List files/folders in a job folder
LicensesApi delete_activation DELETE /licenses/pools/{pool_id}/activations/{activation_id} Delete the activation
LicensesApi get_available_pools GET /licenses/pools Get license pools available to authenticated user
LicensesApi get_license_activations GET /licenses/pools/{pool_id}/activations Get the activations for the license
LicensesApi get_pool_license GET /licenses/pools/{pool_id}/license Get the license associated with a pool
LicensesApi grant_access_to_pool PATCH /licenses/pools/{pool_id}/permissions Grant access to the license pool
LicensesApi regenerate_license_pool POST /licenses/pools/{pool_id}/regenerate Regenerate the license associated with the pool
LicensesApi revoke_access_to_pool DELETE /licenses/pools/{pool_id}/permissions Revoke access to the license pool
LicensesApi update_license_pool PUT /licenses/pools/{pool_id} Update the license pool
OrgsApi create_org POST /orgs Create an Org
OrgsApi delete_org DELETE /orgs/{name} Delete an Org
OrgsApi delete_org_member DELETE /orgs/{name}/members/{username} Remove an Org member
OrgsApi get_org GET /orgs/{name} Get an Org
OrgsApi get_org_members GET /orgs/{name}/members List organization members
OrgsApi list_orgs GET /orgs List Orgs
OrgsApi update_org PUT /orgs/{name} Update an Org
OrgsApi upsert_org_member PATCH /orgs/{name}/members/{username}/{role} Add or update the role of an Org Member
PluginsApi create_plugin POST /plugins/{owner} Create a Plugin
PluginsApi create_plugin_package POST /plugins/{owner}/{name}/tags Create a new Plugin package
PluginsApi delete_plugin DELETE /plugins/{owner}/{name} Delete a Plugin
PluginsApi delete_plugin_org_permission DELETE /plugins/{owner}/{name}/permissions Remove a Repository permissions
PluginsApi get_plugin GET /plugins/{owner}/{name} Get a plugin
PluginsApi get_plugin_access_permissions GET /plugins/{owner}/{name}/permissions Get plugin access permissions
PluginsApi get_plugin_by_tag GET /plugins/{owner}/{name}/tags/{tag} Get a plugin tag
PluginsApi list_plugin_tags GET /plugins/{owner}/{name}/tags Get a plugin tags
PluginsApi list_plugins GET /plugins List plugins
PluginsApi update_plugin PUT /plugins/{owner}/{name} Update a Plugin
PluginsApi upsert_plugin_permission PATCH /plugins/{owner}/{name}/permissions Upsert a new permission to a plugin
ProjectsApi create_project POST /projects/{owner} Create a Project
ProjectsApi create_project_recipe_filter POST /projects/{owner}/{name}/recipes/filters Upsert a recipe filter to a project
ProjectsApi delete_project DELETE /projects/{owner}/{name} Delete a Project
ProjectsApi delete_project_org_permission DELETE /projects/{owner}/{name}/permissions Remove a Project permissions
ProjectsApi delete_project_recipe_filter DELETE /projects/{owner}/{name}/recipes/filters Remove a Project recipe filter
ProjectsApi get_project GET /projects/{owner}/{name} Get a project
ProjectsApi get_project_access_permissions GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/permissions Get project access permissions
ProjectsApi get_project_recipe_filters GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/recipes/filters Get project recipe filters
ProjectsApi get_project_recipes GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/recipes Get project recipes
ProjectsApi list_projects GET /projects List Projects
ProjectsApi update PUT /projects/{owner}/{name} Update a Project
ProjectsApi upsert_project_permission PATCH /projects/{owner}/{name}/permissions Upsert a new permission to a project
RecipesApi create_recipe POST /recipes/{owner} Create a Recipe
RecipesApi create_recipe_package POST /recipes/{owner}/{name}/tags Create a new Recipe package
RecipesApi delete_recipe DELETE /recipes/{owner}/{name} Delete a Recipe
RecipesApi delete_recipe_org_permission DELETE /recipes/{owner}/{name}/permissions Remove a Repository permissions
RecipesApi get_recipe GET /recipes/{owner}/{name} Get a recipe
RecipesApi get_recipe_access_permissions GET /recipes/{owner}/{name}/permissions Get recipe access permissions
RecipesApi get_recipe_by_tag GET /recipes/{owner}/{name}/tags/{tag} Get a recipe tag
RecipesApi list_recipe_tags GET /recipes/{owner}/{name}/tags Get a recipe tags
RecipesApi list_recipes GET /recipes List recipes
RecipesApi update_recipe PUT /recipes/{owner}/{name} Update a Recipe
RecipesApi upsert_recipe_permission PATCH /recipes/{owner}/{name}/permissions Upsert a new permission to a recipe
RegistriesApi get_package GET /registries/{owner}/{type}/{name}/{digest} Get Package
RegistriesApi get_package_json GET /registries/{owner}/{type}/{name}/{digest}/json Get Package in JSON format
RegistriesApi get_registry_index GET /registries/{owner}/index.json Get Registry Index
RegistriesApi post_plugin POST /registries/{owner}/plugins Push a plugin to the registry
RegistriesApi post_recipe POST /registries/{owner}/recipes Push an Recipe to the registry
RunsApi cancel_run PUT /projects/{owner}/{name}/runs/{run_id}/cancel Cancel a run
RunsApi download_run_artifact GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/runs/{run_id}/artifacts/download Download an artifact from the run folder
RunsApi get_all_run_steps GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/runs/{run_id}/all-steps Query the steps of a run
RunsApi get_run GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/runs/{run_id} Get a Run
RunsApi get_run_output GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/runs/{run_id}/outputs/{output_name} Get run output by name
RunsApi get_run_step_logs GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/runs/{run_id}/steps/{step_id}/logs Get the logs of a specific step of the run
RunsApi get_run_steps GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/runs/{run_id}/steps Query the steps of a run
RunsApi list_run_artifacts GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/runs/{run_id}/artifacts List artifacts in a run folder
RunsApi list_runs GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/runs List runs
RunsApi query_results GET /projects/{owner}/{name}/results Query run results
RunsApi retry_run PUT /projects/{owner}/{name}/runs/{run_id}/retry Retry a run
SubscriptionPlansApi list_subscription_plans GET /subscription-plans/ List Subscription Plans
SubscriptionsApi cancel_subscription DELETE /subscriptions/{subscription_id} Cancel a subscription
SubscriptionsApi create_subscription POST /subscriptions/ Subscribe account to subscritpion plan
SubscriptionsApi get_subscription GET /subscriptions/{subscription_id} Retrieve a subscription by ID
SubscriptionsApi list_pollination_subscriptions GET /subscriptions/ List Subscriptions
SubscriptionsApi list_subscription_payments GET /subscriptions/{subscription_id}/payments List Payment for a Subscription
SubscriptionsApi list_subscription_quotas GET /subscriptions/{subscription_id}/quotas List the quotas for a given subscription
SubscriptionsApi update_subscription PUT /subscriptions/{subscription_id} Update a subscription
SubscriptionsApi update_subscription_preivew PUT /subscriptions/{subscription_id}/preview Preview the effect of a subscription update
TeamsApi create_team POST /orgs/{org_name}/teams Create a Team
TeamsApi delete_org_team_member DELETE /orgs/{org_name}/teams/{team_slug}/members/{username} Remove a team member
TeamsApi delete_team DELETE /orgs/{org_name}/teams/{team_slug} Delete a Team
TeamsApi get_org_team_members GET /orgs/{org_name}/teams/{team_slug}/members List team members
TeamsApi get_team GET /orgs/{org_name}/teams/{team_slug} Get a Team
TeamsApi list_org_teams GET /orgs/{org_name}/teams List Teams
TeamsApi update_team PUT /orgs/{org_name}/teams/{team_slug} Update a Team
TeamsApi upsert_org_team_member PATCH /orgs/{org_name}/teams/{team_slug}/members/{username}/{role} Add or update the role of an Team Member
UserApi create_user POST /user Register a new user
UserApi get_me GET /user Get authenticated user profile.
UserApi get_roles GET /user/roles Get the authenticated user roles
UserApi update_user_profile PUT /user Update the authenticated user
UsersApi check_username GET /users/check_username/{username} Check if a username is already taken
UsersApi get_one_user GET /users/{name} Get a specific user profile
UsersApi list_users GET /users List Users

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: x-pollination-token
  • Location: HTTP header


  • Type: Bearer authentication (JWT)


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