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Polyvers's lib to derive subproject versions from tags on Git monorepos.

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MIT License

The python 2.7+ library needed by (sub-)projects managed by polyvers cmd to derive their version-ids on runtime from Git.

Specifically, the configuration file .polyvers.yaml is NOT read - you have to repeat any non-default configurations as function/method keywords when calling this API.

Here only a very rudimentary documentation is provided - consult polyvers documents provided in the link above.


There are 4 ways to use this library:
  • As a setuptools plugin;

  • through its Python-API (to dynamically version your project);

  • through its barebone cmdline tool: polyversion (installation required);

  • through the standalone executable wheel: bin/ (no installation, but sources required; behaves identically to polyversion command).

setuptools usage

currentmodule: polyversion

The polyversion library function as a setuptools “plugin”, and adds two new setup() keywords for deriving subproject versions from PKG-INFO or git tags (see func(polyversion.init_plugin_kw)):

  1. keyword: polyversion --> (bool | dict)

    When a dict, its keys roughly mimic those in func(polyversion()), and can be used like this:

    from setuptools import setup
        version=''              # omit (or None) to abort if cannot auto-version
        polyversion={           # dict or bool
            'mono_project': True, # false by default
            ...  # See `polyversion.init_plugin_kw()` for more keys.
        setup_requires=[..., 'polyversion'],
  2. keyword: polyversion_check_bdist_enabled --> bool

    When it is true, the bdist-check is enabled, and any bdist_* setup-commands (e.g. bdist_wheel) will abort if not run from engraved sources (ie from an release tag).

    To enable this check without editing the sources, add the following into your $CWD/setup.cfg file:

    polyversion_check_bdist_enabled = true

API usage

An API sample of using also func(polytime()) from within your myproject.git/myproject/ file:

from polyversion import polyversion, polytime  # no hack, dependency already installed

__version__ = polyversion()  # project assumed equal to this module-name: 'myproject'
__updated__ = polytime()

Console usage

The typical command-line usage of this library (assuming you don’t want to install the full blown polyvers command tool) is given below:

user@host:~/ $ polyversion --help
Describe the version of a *polyvers* projects from git tags.

    polyversion [PROJ-1] ...
    polyversion [-v | -V ]     # print my version information

user@host:~/ $ polyversion polyversion    # fails, not in a git repo
b'fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git\n'
  cmd: ['git', 'describe', '--match=cf-v*']
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/pyenv/site-packages/pvlib/polyversion/", line 18, in main*sys.argv[1:])
  File "/pyenv/site-packages/pvlib/polyversion/", line 340, in run
    res = polyversion(args[0], repo_path=os.curdir)
  File "/pyenv/site-packages/pvlib/polyversion/", line 262, in polyversion
    pvtag = _my_run(cmd, cwd=repo_path)
  File "/pyenv/site-packages/pvlib/polyversion/", line 106, in _my_run
    raise sbp.CalledProcessError(proc.returncode, cmd)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['git', 'describe', '--match=cf-v*']' returned non-zero exit status 128.

user@host:~/ $ cd polyvers.git
user@host:~/polyvers.git (dev) $ polyversion polyvers polyversion
polyvers: 0.0.2a10
polyversion: 0.0.2a9

Standalone wheel

Various ways to use the standalone wheel from bash (these will still work without having installed anything):

user@host:~/polyvers.git (master) $
user@host:~/polyvers.git (master) $ ./bin/ polyversion
polyversion: 0.0.2a9
user@host:~/polyvers.git (master) $ python ./bin/ --help
user@host:~/polyvers.git (master) $ python ./bin/ -m polyversion  -v
version: 0.0.2a9
user@host:~/polyvers.git (master) $ PYTHONPATH=./bin/  python -m polyversion  -V
version: 0.0.2a9
updated: Thu, 24 May 2018 02:47:37 +0300

For the rest, consult the polyvers project:

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