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Create a graph for a(ll) FreeBSD port(s).

Project description

Started from an idea on twitter and used to reduce the dependencies of a port, here a python script to produce dependencies’ graph of a(ll) FreeBSD ports.

# Install ## Using pip

pip install portgraph

## Using FreeBSD pkg

pkg install py36-portgraph

## Using FreeBSD ports

make -C /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/py-portgraph

# Usage portgraph produces a graph representing the dependencies needed for a given port or all ports.

Options are: ` -h or --help: Show this help -l my_dir or --localbase my_dir: Sets my_dir as the directory where ports are located (/usr/ports by default) -p my_port or --port my_port: Sets my_port as the port to produce the graph (ports-mgmt/py-portgraph by default). -b or --build: build-depends-list (if -b or -r is not present, -b is actived by default). -r or --run: run-depends-list (if -b or -r is not present, -b is actived by default). -f my_flavor or --flavor my_flavor: Sets the flavor for the port. -c or --recursion: Sets the maximum recursion. -u or --url: Adds a link to freshports. -w or --with-pkg: Since pkg is always required, this is disabled by default. You can enable it with this option. -a or --all: Build a graph for each port -v or --verbose: Print the port being traversed `

The result is a svg and a graphviz file.

# Examples

## Without arguments:


[<img src=”” alt=”without arguments”/>](

## Using a specific local ports, like poudriere:

portgraph -l /usr/local/poudriere/ports/default

## Most important arguments, the port:

portgraph -p ports-mgmt/portscout

[<img src=”” alt=”portscout”/>](

## Sets the flavor for the port:

portgraph -p databases/py-psycopg2 -f py36

[<img src=”” alt=”py36-psycopg2”/>](

portgraph -p databases/py-psycopg2 -f py27

[<img src=”” alt=”py27-psycopg2”/>](

## You can define the depth of the dependencies to display

portgraph -p databases/pgmodeler -c 1

[<img src=”” alt=”pgmodeler with max recursion defined” width=”20%” height=”20%”/>](

## You want a link to freshports? Add the -u/–url option.

portgraph -p databases/sfcgal -u -c 2

[<img src=”” alt=”sfcgal with freshports url” width=”20%” height=”20%”/>](

## ports-mgmt/pkg is the god of all. Do you want to put it?

portgraph -p ports-mgmt/portscout -w

[<img src=”” alt=”portscout with pkg”/>](

## Run and build depends list

build-depends-list are blue and run-depends-list are red.

portgraph -p lang/python36 -rb -c 2 -u

[<img src=”” alt=”python36 with run-depends-list, build-depends-list, url and max recursion defined “/>](

## Build all ports (accept all arguments except -p/–ports)

For freshports with only one dependency.

portgraph -a -c 1 -u

It can take a long time (880s on my desktop computer and produces 245M of files).

> Note: examples were made on 2018-02-15. The results may differ depending on port updates.

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