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Mailing list posting confirmation daemon

Project description


This is an alpha release. While the functionality is sound, the packaging is probably not even beta quality. Compilation of the components written in C has only been tested under Linux.


postconfirm consists of postconfirmd, which is the long-running (daemon) part, and postconfirmc, which is the client part of a client-server program which handles email confirmations. It is intended as a front-end to mailing lists. It provides funcitonality which is a subset of TMDA, but is adapted to high-volume usage and does not have anywhere near all the bells and whistles which TMDA has. On the other hand, since the whitelist lookup is done by the long-running server part, the overhead of doing a verification that a poster has a confirmed address is much smaller than for TMDA. This makes it a factor 1000 or more faster than TMDA in production, with a memory footprint a factor 20 smaller.


Version 0.42.1 (31 Jul 2018)

  • Added domain name normalization (to lowercase) before checking whether we got a hit on the _dmarc domain lookup. Commented out verbose wall-time log messages.

Version 0.42.0 (09 May 2018)

  • Added a check on the sender address during dmarc-reverse processing, requiring that the sender is whitelisted or has a confirmed address.

  • Changed the logging of dmarc-reverse processing to use a more compact log line format, and commented out some debug logging statements.

  • Added exception catching and loggin for failures to open smtp sessions to the configured server and port.

  • Fixed a log writing bug.

Version 0.41.5 (20 Apr 2018)

  • Fixed dmarc_reverse() to not re-send to other addresses than the indicated recipient.

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