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Python client library for Postmark API

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Python client library for Postmark API.



Postmarker can be obtained with pip:

$ pip install postmarker

Usage example


The attributes of all classes are provided as is, without transformation to snake case. We don’t want to introduce new names for existing entities.

Send single email:

>>> from postmarker.core import PostmarkClient
>>> postmark = PostmarkClient(server_token='API_TOKEN')
>>> postmark.emails.send(
    Subject='Postmark test',
    HtmlBody='<html><body><strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.</body></html>'

Send batch:

>>> postmark.emails.send_batch(
        'From': '',
        'To': '',
        'Subject': 'Postmark test',
        'HtmlBody': '<html><body><strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.</body></html>',
        'From': '',
        'To': '',
        'Subject': 'Postmark test 2',
        'HtmlBody': '<html><body><strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.</body></html>',

Setup an email:

>>> email = postmark.emails.Email(
    Subject='Postmark test',
    HtmlBody='<html><body><strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.</body></html>'
>>> email['X-Accept-Language'] = 'en-us, en'
>>> email.attach('/home/user/readme.txt')
>>> email.attach_binary(content=b'content', filename='readme.txt')
>>> email.send()

There are a lot of features available. Check it out in our documentation! Here’s just a few of them:

  • Support for sending Python email instances.

  • Bounces, Domains, Messages, Templates, Sender signatures, Status, Stats & Server API.

  • Django email backend.

  • Tornado helper.

  • Spam check API.

  • Wrappers for Bounce, Inbound, Open and Delivery webhooks.


You can view the documentation online at:

Or you can look at the docs/ directory in the repository.

Python support

Postmarker supports CPython 3.6 - 3.10 and PyPy 3.7 & 3.8.


Many thanks to Shmele and lobziik for their reviews and advice :)

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