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Produce & Publish Python Client

Project description


Produce & Publish bindings for Python.

The pp.client-python bindings can be used to communicate with the Produce & Publish server pp.server for generating PDF from Python applications .


  • Python 3.7 or higher

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pdf API

The pdf API supports the conversion of HTML/XML to PDF through the following PDFconverters:

  • PDFreactor

  • PrinceXML

  • Speedata Publisher

  • Vivliostyle Formatter

  • PagedJS


  • Weasyprint

  • Antennahouse

The PDF conversion process is based on the “CSS Paged Media” approach where the input documents (XML or HTML) are styled using CSS only.

The pdf API of pp.client-python expects that the input file and all related assets (images, stylesheets, font files etc.) are placed within a working directory. The input file must be named index.html.

Using the commandline frontend:

$ ../bin/pp-pdf  --help
usage: pp-pdf [-h] [-f princexml] [-o] [-a] [-s http://localhost:6543]
              [-t None] [-c] [-v]
              source_directory [cmd_options]

positional arguments:
  source_directory      Source directory containing content and assets to be
  cmd_options           []

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f prince, --converter prince
                        PDF converter to be used (prince, pdfreactor, publisher)
  -o , --output         Write result ZIP to given .zip filename
  -s http://localhost:6543, --server-url http://localhost:6543
                        URL of Produce & Publish server)
  -t None, --authorization-token None
                        Authorization token for P&P server
  -v, --verbose         Verbose mode

The same functionality is available to any Python application through the pdf() API of the pp.client-python module:

from pp.client.python.pdf import pdf

def pdf(source_directory,


Support for Produce & Publish Server and components is currently only available on a project basis.


pp.client-python is published under the GNU Public License V2 (GPL 2).


Andreas Jung/ZOPYX
Hundskapfklinge 33
D-72074 Tuebingen, Germany


3.0.1 (2023-02-07)

  • modernized codebase

  • no feature changes

3.0.0 (2020-02-14)

  • adopted to new pp.server 3.x server API

  • code cleanup

  • better logging implementation

0.5.1 (2019-08-02)

  • fixed Python 3 deprecation warning

0.5.0 (2018-07-14)

  • compatibility with pp.server 2.0

  • removed async support

0.4.5 (2017-08-08)

  • disabled option to by-pass SSL cert checks

0.4.4 (2015-11-14)

  • support for Vivliostyle Formatter

0.4.2 (2015-02-02)

  • support for /api/available-converters (requires pp.server>=0.6.1)

0.4.1 (2014-11-19)

  • experimental support for Speedata Publisher

0.4.0 (2014-10-13)

  • compatiblity with Python 3.3 and 3.4

  • dropped Python 2.6 support

0.3.6 (24-01-2014)

  • added option ‘-c’ to most commandline script in order for explicit SSL cert validation

0.3.5 (24-01-2014)

  • disabled SSL cert validation since Python/requests module can not deal properly with the StartCOM SSL cert of

0.3.4 (21-01-2014)

  • updated unoconv API documentation

0.3.3 (13-01-2014)

  • support for server side token-based authorization

0.3.2 (13-01-2014)

  • import fix

0.3.1 (21-10-2013)

0.3.0 (17-10-2013)

  • Python 3.3 compatibility

0.2.9 (06-10-2013)

  • added API methods for version and converters API of pp.server webservice

0.2.8 (05-10-2013)

  • added support for cmd_options parameter for pp.server==0.3.5

0.2.7 (03-10-2013)

  • documentation update

0.2.6 (14-07-2013)

  • better error handling

  • fixed issues with format() calls under Python 2.6

0.2.0 (06-07-2013)

  • minor fixes

  • moved documentation to Sphinx

0.1.5 (04-07-2013)

  • implemented poll support

  • fixes

0.1.4 (04-07-2013)

  • added async support to pp-pdf commandline frontend

0.1.3 (03-07-2013)

  • pdf converter parameter not properly propagated

0.1.2 (03-07-2013)

  • logger fixes/changes

0.1.0 (03-07-2013)

  • initial release

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