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An extension of PuLP, a linear programming problem modeling tool

Project description


P(retty)PuLP is an extension of PuLP, linear programming problem modeling tool.

You can use the basic features of pulp plus the following useful extensions to make modeling simpler.

License: MIT



pip install ppulp


git clone


  • Variable product
  • If-then constraints
  • Absolute values
  • Piecewise linear approximation of nonlinear functions
  • Logical operations (And, Or, Xor)
  • Reduction (Sum, Prod)


Variables productions

# from pulp import *
from ppulp import *

# create variables
x = LpVariable("x", cat="Binary")
y = LpVariable("y", cat="Binary")

# create variable production
z = x * y

If-then constriant

from ppulp import *

x = LpVariable("x", lowBound=-1)
y = LpVariable("y", lowBound=-1)

prob = LpProblem(sense="Minimize")

# add if-then constraints
prob += (x <= 0) >> (y >= 0)  # if (x <= 0) then (y >= 0)
prob += (y <= 0) >> (x >= 0)  # if (y <= 0) then (x >= 0)

Absolution value

x = LpVariable("x")
y = LpVariable("y")

Approximation of nonlinear functions

from ppulp import *
import math

x = LpVariable("x", lowBound=3)
y = LpVariable("y", lowBound=4)

# create non-linear function
f = PiecewiseLinear(math.log, xl=7, xu=100, num=3)

prob = LpProblem()
prob += f(x + y)
prob += f(x) >= 10


from ppulp import *

x = [LpVariable(name=f"x{i}", ini_value=2) for i in range(5)]

# summation

# production

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