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Prefect integrations for working with Docker

Project description




Prefect integrations for working with Docker.

Note! The DockerRegistryCredentials in prefect-docker is a unique block, separate from the DockerRegistry in prefect core. While DockerRegistry implements a few functionality from both DockerHost and DockerRegistryCredentials for convenience, it does not allow much configuration to interact with a Docker host.

Do not use DockerRegistry with this collection. Instead, use DockerHost and DockerRegistryCredentials.

Getting Started

Python setup

Requires an installation of Python 3.8+.

We recommend using a Python virtual environment manager such as pipenv, conda, or virtualenv.

These tasks are designed to work with Prefect 2. For more information about how to use Prefect, please refer to the Prefect documentation.


Install prefect-docker with pip:

pip install prefect-docker

Then, register to view the block on Prefect Cloud:

prefect block register -m prefect_docker

Note, to use the load method on Blocks, you must already have a block document saved through code or saved through the UI.

Pull image, and create, start, log, stop, and remove Docker container

from prefect import flow, get_run_logger
from prefect_docker.images import pull_docker_image
from prefect_docker.containers import (

def docker_flow():
    logger = get_run_logger()
    pull_docker_image("prefecthq/prefect", "latest")
    container = create_docker_container(
        image="prefecthq/prefect", command="echo 'hello world!' && sleep 60"
    logs = get_docker_container_logs(
    return container

Use a custom Docker Host to create a Docker container

from prefect import flow
from prefect_docker import DockerHost
from prefect_docker.containers import create_docker_container

def create_docker_container_flow():
    docker_host = DockerHost(
    container = create_docker_container(
        command="echo 'hello world!'"



If you encounter any bugs while using prefect-docker, feel free to open an issue in the prefect-docker repository.

If you have any questions or issues while using prefect-docker, you can find help in the Prefect Slack community.

Feel free to ⭐️ or watch prefect-docker for updates too!


If you'd like to install a version of prefect-docker for development, clone the repository and perform an editable install with pip:

git clone

cd prefect-docker/

pip install -e ".[dev]"

# Install linting pre-commit hooks
pre-commit install

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