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Python driver for AutomationDirect Productivity Series PLCs.

Project description


NOTE: This is in very early stages of development.

Python ≥3.8 driver and command-line tool for AutomationDirect Productivity Series PLCs.


pip install productivity


PLC Configuration

This driver uses Modbus TCP/IP for communication. Unlike the ClickPLC, modbus addresses need to be manually configured in the Productivity PLC firmware (see manual).

To use this driver, go to Write Program → Tag Database, scroll down to the values you care about, and double click the Mod Start cell of each value to assign an address. Then, go to File → Export → Tags to export a csv file. The file is used here so you don't need to remember the addresses.

Command Line

To print the tags and their values, simply call the library with the PLC IP address and the tags file.

$ productivity the-plc-ip-address path/to/tags.csv

Use --set to set values on the PLC:

$ productivity the-plc-ip-address path/to/tags.csv -s "{int_test: 4, float_test: 4.45, string_test: foo}"

The --set parameter takes YAML, a simple data format that allows you to easily set multiple tags at once.

See productivity --help for more.


This driver uses Python ≥3.5's async/await syntax to asynchronously communicate with a Productivity2000 PLC. For example (note that requires Python >=3.7):

import asyncio
from productivity import ProductivityPLC

async def run():
    async with ProductivityPLC('the-plc-ip-address', 'path/to/tags.csv') as plc:
        print(await plc.get())

It is also possible to set tag values:

async def run():
    async with ProductivityPLC('the-plc-ip-address', 'path/to/tags.csv') as plc:
        await plc.set(start=True, setpoint=1.1)

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