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A multi-progressbar implementation to complement multiprocessing.Process

Project description

The progrock.MultiProgress class is used in conjunction with the methods exposed at the module level such as progrock.increment to create a full-screen experience allowing the user to track the progress of individual processes as they perform their work.

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progrock may be installed via the Python package index with the tool of your choice. I prefer pip:

pip install progrock



There are no requirements outside of the Python standard library.


The following image shows the example code listing in action:


The following example will create a process for each CPU core on the system that it is run on, displaying the MultiProgress screen. The child processes will iterate 100 times, updating their progress bar and then sleeping up to 1 second.

import progrock
import random

def example_runner(ipc_queue):
    # Update the processes status in its progress box
    progrock.set_status(ipc_queue, 'Running')

    # Increment the progress bar, sleeping up to one second per iteration
    for iteration in range(1, 101):

processes = []

# Create the MultiProgress instance
steps = multiprocessing.cpu_count() * 100
with MultiProgress('Example', steps=steps) as progress:

    # Spawn a process per CPU and append it to the list of processes
    for proc_num in range(0, multiprocessing.cpu_count()):

    # Wait for the processes to run
    while any([p.is_alive() for p in processes]):

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