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Graph transformations in Python

Project description

Alpha Version API breaking changes may occur over the next several months.

projx provides two ways to interact with graphs: - A DSL based on Neo4j Cypher for executing graph transformations using a Python DB like API. - A programmatic api that consumes JSON ETL configuration objects and executes graph transformations. Based on orientdb-etl.

Currently only supports networkx.Graph

Thanks to @versae for inspiring this project.

v0.1.0, 11/07/2014 – alpha release.

v0.1.1, 11/10/2014 – alpha release.

v0.1.2, 11/17/2014 – added basic support for predicates.

v0.1.3, 12/22/2014 – support for edge type criteria in traversals.

v0.1.4, 12/24/2014 – fixed bug in MatchPattern class.

v0.1.5, 12/31/2014 – automatically indexing nodes with integers. implemented “COMBINE” statements. fixed bug in add_nodes_from method. changed to lowercase package name in PyPi, broken API.

v0.2.0, 01/03/2015 – complete refactor. implemented ETL API.

v0.2.2, 01/03/2015 – minor bug fixes in api, etl.

v0.2.3, 01/04/2015 – added preliminary support for AS alias assignment. Simplified DB API, no close methods.

v0.2.4, 01/04/2015 – simplifying api.

v0.2.5, 01/06/2015 – finished refactoring code base. API is finally stable…ish.

v0.2.6, 01/07/2015 – removed AS/aliasing from DSL. Attributes are only set on TRANSFER destination or new node or edge as a result of COMBINE and PROJECT. METHOD now accepts a function (ATTRS, EDGES, JACCARD) and functions take args Type1, Type2 …. EDGES function now accepts types as args to determine valid transfers.

v0.2.7, 01/09/2015 – added node_type_attr and edge_type_attr to api.Projection class. added explicit keyword args to nxprojx.project and nxprojx.transfer. streamlining code base.

v0.2.8, –etl._value_lookup now fails quietly. fixed bug in grammar.

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