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Toolkit for collecting and applying templates of prompting instances.

Project description


Promptsource is a toolkit for collecting and applying prompts to NLP datasets.

Promptsource uses a simple templating language to programatically map an example of a dataset into a text input and a text target.

Promptsource contains a growing collection of prompts (which we call P3: Public Pool of Prompts). As of October 18th, there are ~2'000 prompts for 170+ datasets in P3. Feel free to use these prompts as they are (you'll find citation details here).

Note that a subset of the prompts are still Work in Progress. You'll find the list of the prompts which will potentially be modified in the near future here. Modifications will in majority consist of metadata collection, but in some cases, will impact the templates themselves. To facilitate traceability, Promptsource is currently pinned at version 0.1.0.


  1. Download the repo
  2. Navigate to root directory of the repo
  3. Install requirements with pip install -r requirements.txt in a Python 3.7 environment


You can browse through existing prompts on the hosted versiond of Promptsource.

If you want to launch a local version (in particular to write propmts, from the root directory of the repo, launch the editor with:

streamlit run promptsource/

There are 3 modes in the app:

  • Helicopter view: aggregate high level metrics on the current state of the sourcing
  • Prompted dataset viewer: check the templates you wrote or already written on entire dataset
  • Sourcing: write new prompts

Running (read-only)

To host a public streamlit app, launch it with

streamlit run promptsource/ -- -r

Prompting an Example:

You can use Promptsource with Datasets to create prompted examples:

# Get an example
from datasets import load_dataset
dataset = load_dataset("ag_news")
example = dataset["train"][0]

# Prompt it
from promptsource.templates import TemplateCollection
# Get all the prompts
collection = TemplateCollection()
# Get all the AG News prompts
ag_news_prompts = collection.get_dataset("ag_news")
# Select a prompt by name
prompt = ag_news_prompts["classify_question_first"]

result = prompt.apply(example)
print("INPUT: ", result[0])
print("TARGET: ", result[1])


Contribution guidelines and step-by-step HOW TO are described here.

Writing Prompts

A prompt is expressed in Jinja.

It is rendered using an example from the corresponding Hugging Face datasets library (a dictionary). The separator ||| should appear once to divide the template into input and target. Generally, the prompt should provide information on the desired behavior, e.g., text passage and instructions, and the output should be a desired response.

For more information, read the Contribution guidelines.

Known Issues

Warning or Error about Darwin on OS X: Try downgrading PyArrow to 3.0.0.

ConnectionRefusedError: [Errno 61] Connection refused: Happens occasionally. Try restarting the app.

Development structure

Promptsource was developed as part of the BigScience project for open research 🌸, a year-long initiative targeting the study of large models and datasets. The goal of the project is to research language models in a public environment outside large technology companies. The project has 600 researchers from 50 countries and more than 250 institutions.


If you want to cite this P3 or Promptsource, you can use this bibtex:

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