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Protobuf for humans

Project description


Protocol buffers implementation for Python 3 that generates human-readable code with type hinting support

Quick example

from enum import IntEnum
from protox import Message
from protox import UInt32, String, EnumField

class User(Message):
    class Role(IntEnum):
        USER = 1
        ADMIN = 2

    id: int = UInt32(number=1, required=True)
    email: str = String(number=2, required=True)
    role: Role = EnumField(Role, number=3, required=True, default=Role.USER)

user = User(id=1, email="", role=User.Role.USER)
user_data = user.to_bytes()

# Outputs:
# message User
#     id = 1
#     email = ''
#     role = Role.USER

More examples

Code generation

Code generator implemented as a protoc plugin so you have to install it first:

Install protoc (Ubuntu)

sudo apt install protobuf-compiler

Install protoc (Mac OS)

brew install protobuf

Install protox

python3 -m pip install protox

Generate messages

protoc \
    --proto_path=protobuf_src \
    --protox_out=. \

Generate grpclib service with all required dependencies

The following code generates service ping_pong.proto from the protobuf_src directory into {$PROJECT_ROOT}/app/protobuf.

The protox plugin supports 3 options:

  • --base-package=path/to/protobuf/out
  • --grpclib # generates grpclib services
  • --with-dependencies # generates dependencies for the given protobuf file

The options to the plugin are passed using the --protox_opt="{plugin options here}" command

protoc \
    --proto_path=protobuf_src \
    --protox_out=. \
    --protox_opt="--base-package=app/protobuf --grpclib --with-dependencies" \

Core concepts

  • Human-readable python3.6+ generated code with type hinting
  • Support protobuf 2 and 3 at the same time
  • None values instead of zero values in fields for both proto2 and proto3
  • Message.has_field() in both proto2 and proto3
  • Protocols are easy to describe without code generation
  • Messages implemented in more pythonic way: to_bytes() instead of SerializeToString()
  • Enums are just enums python int enums


  • Messages
  • Enums
  • Nested messages
  • Maps
  • Well-known types
  • Repeated fields
  • Repeated messages
  • Repeated enums
  • Custom Message.to_python() / from_python() functions
  • Group fields (Deprecated by protobuf)

Code generator features

  • Protobuf
  • Grpclib
  • Custom python package for protobuf out messages
  • Compile protobuf file with dependencies
  • Names mangling to avoid reserved names collisions
  • Recursive messages/enums support
  • Field names to_snake_case support

Difference with google's protobuf implementation

Binary protocol works exactly as google's implementation does.

The difference is in the way messages behave:

  • Fields that were not explicitly set are None rather than zero-values
  • Methods like SerializeToString() were changed to more pythonic alternatives like to_bytes() / from_bytes()
  • Enums are just python int enums

Generated code example

Grpclib service example

from enum import IntEnum

import protox

class User(protox.Message):
    class Status(IntEnum):
        USER = 1
        ADMIN = 2

    id: int
    email: str
    status: 'User.Status'

    def __init__(
        id: int = None,
        email: str = None,
        status: 'User.Status' = None,

        number=1, required=True
        number=2, required=True
        number=3, py_enum=User.Status, default=User.Status.USER, required=True

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