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Proxmox resource monitor

Project description

Proxmox resource monitor

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Proxtop lists the top resource consumers of your Proxmox VM platform.

It will list columns of the top users of these resources:
  • cpu

  • diskread

  • diskwrite

  • netin

  • netout


  • Shows only one of AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MAX now. See the -g option.

  • The –partial-match option has been removed in favor of globbing (e.g. *server-name*).

  • The default output is now MEDIAN.


  • The default port is now 443. This was tested with Proxmox 4.0-57. If you want the old default port 8006 back, you may append “:8006” to the hostname.

  • The VM container type is now used in the REST path: i.e. /qemu/ (or lxc) instead of /openvz/.

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Via pip:

$ pip install proxtop

Via git:

$ pip install proxmoxer  # tested with 0.1.7 and 0.2.0
$ pip install requests   # tested with 2.2.1 and 2.5.3
$ git clone
$ cd proxtop
$ python install


$ ./proxtop -t day monitor@pve
Password:<enter password>
SORTED BY: diskread, avg
#0:    3.1 MiB/s  pve10 (acme-bugs-bunny)
#1:    1.3 MiB/s  pve07 (customerX-private)
#2:  992.3 KiB/s  pve10 (acme-road-runner)
SORTED BY: cpu, max
#0:     91 %      pve07 (customerX-private)
#1:     89 %      pve10 (acme-bugs-bunny)
#2:     66 %      pve10 (acme-elmer-fudd)

See the help for more options:

usage: proxtop [-h] [-T TOP] [-t TIMEFRAME] [-g AGGREGATION]
               [--only-storage ONLY_STORAGE]
               hostname username [only_vms [only_vms ...]]

proxtop lists the top resource consumers on your Proxmox VM platform.

positional arguments:
  hostname              Use this API hostname (e.g.[:443])
  username              Use this API username (e.g. monitor@pve)
  only_vms              Limit results to these VM names (globbing is allowed)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -T TOP, --top TOP     Limit results to TOP VMs
  -t TIMEFRAME, --timeframe TIMEFRAME
                        Timeframe, can be one of: hour* | day | week | month |
                        RRD aggregation, can be one of: AVERAGE | MAX |
  --only-storage ONLY_STORAGE
                        Filter VMs by storage glob (e.g. "nfs03*")

Default values may be placed in ~/.proxtoprc. Lines should look like:
hostname=HOSTNAME, username=USERNAME, password=PASSWORD


proxtop is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 3 or any later version.


Possible future enhancements:

  • Explain how server-side AGGREGATION affects the values (or perhaps remove the AVG/MAX subtypes and show only one, based on -g).

  • Add alternate modes of output?

  • Limit results to only one item (cpu, diskread, …)?

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