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A simple script to test if one or more HTTP proxies are working by fetching a webpage.

Project description

# proxytest

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Simple command-line script to check if multiple proxies are up by fetching a webpage through each (in parallel).

But the *main* purpose of proxytest is to be a Python **coding sample**, so it has way more features than it needs. :)

It's also an excuse for me to play with Travis, pypi, and namespace packages.

## Installation:

Requires Python 3.4 or above (Python 3.5 and above recommended).

Install with default backends (no dependencies):

python3 -m pip install proxytest

Install all recommended backends (has additional dependencies):

python3 -m pip install proxytest[all]

Install backends explicitly:

python3 -m pip install proxytest[aiohttp] proxytest[requests]

## Examples:

proxytest # port defaults to 8080

proxytest # same as above

proxytest --backend requests # change backend

proxytest -v -n 10 --timeout 1 "https://user:pass@exampleproxy.cofm:3128" "111.222.333.444:8080-8082" "111.222.333.444:8085-8090"

proxytest "" --url="" --print

proxytest --help

python3 -m proxytest --version

## Command-line Arguments:

$ proxytest --help
usage: proxytest [-h] [--version] [--agent AGENT]
[--backend {aiohttp,dummy,requests}] [--number NUMBER]
[--repeat SECONDS] [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--url TEST_URL]
[--workers WORKERS] [--print] [--format PRINT_FORMAT]
[--quiet] [--debug] [--verbose]

Test if one or more HTTP proxies are working by requesting a webpage through

positional arguments:
The proxy host/ports to use. -ENDPORT is optional.
Example: Use "none" to
call the webpage directly.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--version show program's version number and exit
--agent AGENT, -a AGENT
The user agent string to use. (default: random)
--backend {aiohttp,dummy,requests}, -b {aiohttp,dummy,requests}
The backend to use. Choose from: aiohttp, dummy,
requests. (default: aiohttp)
--number NUMBER, -n NUMBER
Number of times to test each proxy (default: 1)
--repeat SECONDS, -r SECONDS
Continue running and repeat the test every X seconds
--timeout TIMEOUT, -t TIMEOUT
Timeout in seconds for each request. (default: 2)
The URL of the webpage to get. (default:
--workers WORKERS, -j WORKERS
Max number of concurrent requests. (default:

--print, -p Print each webpage to stdout on a successful fetch.
The output format to use for --print. Placeholders:
config, end_callback, error, finished, headers, idx,
proxy_url, request, result, start_callback, started,
status, status_code, url. (default: 'Content from
{proxy_url} ({idx}): "{result_flat:.100}..."')
--quiet, -q Suppress logging. Overrides --debug and --verbose, but
--print will still work.
--debug, -d Enable debug logging to stderr. Overrides --verbose.
--verbose, -v Enable verbose logging to stderr.


## Backends:

**Built-in backends:**

* simple - simple backend that uses only Python Standard Library modules
* dummy - does not make any outgoing connections

**Optional backends:**
* aiohttp - asyncio support (requires: `aiohttp`, Python >= 3.5.3)
* requests - useful for Python 3.4, supports HTTPS proxies (requires: `requests`)

**Third-party extensions** can add backends by using the `proxytest.backends` [namespace package]( See the `tests/` directory for an example.

If a backend's requirements have not been met, the `--help` description for the `--backend` option will show a list of recommended packages to install that would enable more backends.

## Output:

No output on success unless verbose or debug mode enabled.

## Exit codes:

* 0 - all proxy requests succeeded
* 1 - one or more proxy requests failed
* 2 - could not test proxies (e.g. due to input error or system error)

## History:

A client needed a script to periodically check the outgoing connections on a dozen or so private proxies. A search for "proxy test" in pypi found nothing relevant.

Normally, I would have just written a simple wrapper for an HTTP client with proxy support (such as httpie).

But instead, I grabbed the ~~excuse~~ opportunity to write a ~~coding sample~~ open source package that ~~is remotely useful~~ is destined to become wildly popular.

## Links:


A list of free proxies that may be useful for testing (not verified or in any way associated with this project):

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