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A python wrapper for the PUBG developer API

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A python wrapper for the PUBG Developer API

PUBG Developer API Official Documentation


To install the wrapper, simply use pip

pip install pubg-python

or pipenv

pipenv install pubg-python


Specifying a shard

The PUBG API shards data by platform and region, and therefore requires a shard to be specified in the URL for most requests.

from pubg_python import PUBG, Shard

api = PUBG('<api-key>', Shard.PC_NA)

A list of shards can be found here and the wrapper constants here


A sample of matches can be retrieved as a starting point

sample = api.samples().get()
for match in sample.matches:

Samples can also be filtered by a creation date

sample = api.samples().filter(created_at_start='2018-01-01T00:00:00Z').get()
for match in sample.matches:


Retrieving a single player

player = api.players().get('account.3654e255b77b409e87b10dcb086ab00d')

for match in player.matches:
    match_data = api.matches().get(

Retrieving a list of players filtering by names

players = api.players().filter(player_names=['Name1', 'Name2'])

for player in players:
    player_id =

Retrieving a list of players filtering by ids

players = api.players().filter(player_ids=['account.3654e255b77b409e87b10dcb086ab00d'])

for player in players:
    player_name =


Retrieving a single match

match = api.matches().get('276f5bcb-a831-4e8c-a610-d2073692069e')

Retrieving a list of matches filtering by ids

Still unavailable in the API

match_ids = [
matches = api.matches().filter(match_ids=match_ids)
for match in matches:


Processing a match Telemetry data

match = api.matches().get('276f5bcb-a831-4e8c-a610-d2073692069e')
asset = match.assets[0]
telemetry = api.telemetry(asset.url)

>> 16871

Filtering specific events in a telemetry object

Sometimes you're interested in a set of very specific events, so there is a helper function to filter those for you:

match = api.matches().get('276f5bcb-a831-4e8c-a610-d2073692069e')
asset = match.assets[0]
telemetry = api.telemetry(asset.url)

player_kill_events = telemetry.events_from_type('LogPlayerKill')
player_position_events = telemetry.events_from_type('LogPlayerPosition')

Loading a local Telemetry file

If you want to load a previously downloaded telemetry file, there is a helper method to create a Telemetry object from it:

from pubg_python import Telemetry

telemetry = Telemetry.from_json('telemetry.json', shard='pc')

shard defaults to pc but you need to specify if you're loading a xbox telemetry file.


Retrieving a single tournament

tournament = api.tournaments().get('na-ppc')

Retrieving a list of tournaments

tournaments = api.tournaments()
for tournament in tournaments:


Retrieving the list of seasons

seasons = api.seasons()

Retrieving seasons information for a list of players

players_seasons = api.seasons(
    season_id='division.bro.official.2018-09', game_mode='solo'

It's also possible to retrieve lifetime stats, instead of a season_id:

players_seasons = api.seasons(
    season_id='lifetime', game_mode='solo'

Retrieving season data for a specific player

season_data = api.seasons(
    'division.bro.official.2018-09' , player_id='epickitten').get()

It's also possible to retrieve lifetime stats, instead of a season_id:

season_data = api.seasons(
    'lifetime' , player_id='epickitten').get()

Weapon Mastery

Retrieving a weapon mastery data

players = api.players().filter(player_names=['epickitten'])[0]
player = players[0]
wm = api.weapon_mastery(


Retrieving a leaderboard

# Leaderboards stats are only available for PC players
api.shard = Shard.STEAM
solo_leaderboard = api.leaderboards(game_mode='solo').page(0).get()
solo_fpp_leaderboard = api.leaderboards(game_mode='solo-fpp').page(0).get()
duo_leaderboard = api.leaderboards(game_mode='duo').page(0).get()
duo_fpp_leaderboard = api.leaderboards(game_mode='duo-fpp').page(0).get()
squad_leaderboard = api.leaderboards(game_mode='squad').page(0).get()
squad_fpp_leaderboard = api.leaderboards(game_mode='squad-fpp').page(0).get()

page is always required, even when querying the first leaderboard page.

Playing around with data

An example of how you can manipulate the data: The domain is all specified here

players = api.players().filter(player_names=['epickitten'])
player = players[0]

>> [<Match bd6aae34-be05-4094-981c-083285c7e861>, <Match 276f5bcb-a831-4e8c-a610-d2073692069e>, ..]

match = api.matches().get(player.matches[0].id)

>> 'solo'

>> 1899

>> [<Roster d542eaee-cd02-4f4e-ad7f-ed5ea71a17cf>, <Roster e9f0962a-ebd4-4d86-b134-95783b713800>, ..]

roster = match.rosters[0]

>> [<Participant 7cc76d1b-a80e-4997-8eb8-d4b3c1ed4f44>]

participant = roster.participans[0]
>> 'urdaddyYO'

>> 291.08

>> 2

>> 3204.53467

>> 2262.81714

>> 1367

>> account.edb9910f1e9c4f3b9addb87d9329b57c

player = api.players().get(participant.player_id)

>> account.edb9910f1e9c4f3b9addb87d9329b57c

>> [<Match b3dcd7e8-2270-4fdd-8389-af77acf2d6c2>, <Match 2ebb1a9c-ab5e-4264-971f-df77a00918a9>, ..]


Each application has a limited amount of requests allowed per minute. The ratelimit is managed through HTTP headers (X-Ratelimit-Limit, X-Ratelimit-Reset, etc..). In order to facilitate heavy tasks, it is possible to retrieve those values from the RateLimitError. The values available in the exception instance are rl_limit (integer) and rl_reset (datetime).

An example snippet that would use this information in favor of processing something big:

api = PUBG('my-super-secret-key', Shard.STEAM)

while True:
        print('Processing samples...')
    except RateLimitError as error:
        sleep_seconds = (error.rl_reset -
        if sleep_seconds > 0:
            print('Reached my limit! sleeping for {}'.format(sleep_seconds))

Limits and Offsets

Currently disabled from the official API

Offsetting 5 matches and limitting by 10

matches = api.matches().limit(10).offset(5)


Currently disabled from the official API

sort defaults to ascending, you can use ascending=False for a descending sort

matches = api.matches().limit(10).sort('createdAt')
matches = api.matches().limit(10).sort('createdAt', ascending=False)


Some endpoints allow you to apply filters, for example, filtering players by names:

players = api.players().filter(player_names=['Name1', 'Name2'])

Or filtering players by ids:

players = api.players().filter(player_ids=['account.3654e255b77b409e87b10dcb086ab00d'])


Use next() for the next page and prev() for the previous one:

matches = api.matches()
next_matches =
previous_matches = matches.prev()


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