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A better poetry publish experience.

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🗞 Publicator

A better poetry publish experience.

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While Poetry finally brings us a sane solution for publishing and maintaining Python packages, many developers crave for a more enhanced and safer user experience. Publicator aims to offer a convenient method for publishing your everyday libraries.

Publicator has been inspired by Sindre Sorhus' excellent np package for Node.js ecosystem and graciously funded by Futurice Spice Program.

Table of Contents


  • Ensures you are publishing from your release branch (main and master by default)
  • Ensures the working directory is clean and latest changes are pulled
  • Reinstalls dependencies to ensure your project works with the latest dependency tree
  • Ensures your Python version is supported by the project and its dependencies
  • Runs the tests with custom test script
  • Bumps the version in pyproject.toml and creates a Git tag based on it
  • Publishes the new version to Python Package Index or custom repository
  • Pushes commits and tags (newly & previously created) to your Git server
  • If the project is hosted on GitHub opens a prefilled GitHub Releases draft after publishing
  • Fully configurable via command-line arguments or the pyproject.toml file
  • See what will be executed with preview mode, without pushing or publishing anything remotely


  • Python 3.8 or later
  • Poetry 1.1 or later
  • Git 2.11 or later


Install or run directly using pipx, which manages an isolated virtual environment for you.

pipx install publicator
pipx run publicator <version>

Alternatively, add it as dependency to your Poetry project.

poetry add --dev publicator
poetry run publicator <version>


Publicator takes one command-line argument indicating the suitable version bump. It follows semantic versioning rules accurately.

# Release a new patch version (e.g. 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1)
publicator patch

# Release a new minor version (e.g. 1.0.1 -> 1.1.0)
publicator minor

# Release a new major version (e.g. 1.1.0 -> 2.0.0)
publicator major

Run publicator --help to see the full list of supported options:

$ publicator --help

Usage: publicator [OPTIONS] version

  Handles publishing a new Python package via Poetry safely and conveniently.

  version  can be a valid semver or one of: patch, minor, major, prepatch,
           preminor, premajor, prerelease  [required]

  -V, --version
  --repository name               Custom repository for publishing (must be
                                  specified in pyproject.toml)
  --any-branch / --no-any-branch  Allow publishing from any branch  [default:
  --clean / --no-clean            Ensure you're working with the latest
                                  changes  [default: clean]
  --tag / --no-tag                Create a new tag for Git  [default: tag]
  --publish / --no-publish        Publish the package to the registry
                                  [default: publish]
  --push / --no-push              Push commits and tags to Git  [default:
  --test-script TEXT              Name of the test script to run under the
                                  current virtual environment  [default:
                                  pytest -x --assert=plain]
  --template TEXT                 Commit message template (`%s` will be
                                  replaced with the new version tag)
                                  [default: release: %s]
  --release-draft / --no-release-draft
                                  Opens a pre-filled GitHub release page with
                                  browser if the current project is hosted on
                                  GitHub  [default: release-draft]
  --install-completion [bash|zsh|fish|powershell|pwsh]
                                  Install completion for the specified shell.
  --show-completion [bash|zsh|fish|powershell|pwsh]
                                  Show completion for the specified shell, to
                                  copy it or customize the installation.
  --help                          Show this message and exit.


Publicator follows the pleasantly Pythonic way of specifying the configuration within pyproject.toml file. Below are the default configuration values.

any-branch    = false
clean         = true
publish       = true
push          = true
release-draft = true
tag           = true
template      = "release: %s"

Values passed as command-line arguments take precedence over configuration file values.

Configuration enables for more granular usage. For example, in CI/CD pipelines you might want to disable publishing the package to registry or disable creating Git tags depending on your use case.

Preview Mode (Dry-Run)

If you'd rather skip on everything and check what would be executed, you can activate a preview mode via environment variable like so:

PUBLICATOR_PREVIEW=true publicator <version>

Shell Completion

Publicator stands on the shoulders of Typer, which is a robust CLI library for Python. You can generate TAB completions for common shells such as Bash, ZSH, Fish, and Powershell.

publicator --install-completion <shell>


See here for instructions.

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