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A Pulumi package for creating and managing materialize cloud resources.

Project description

Pulumi Provider: Materialize

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A Pulumi provider for managing resources in a Materialize account.



To use from Python, install using pip:

pip install pulumi_materialize


The following configuration points are available for the materialize provider:

  • materialize:password (environment: MZ_PASSWORD) - Materialize password.
  • materialize:endpoint (environment: MZ_ENDPOINT) - The endpoint for the Frontegg API.
  • materialize:cloud_endpoint (environment: MZ_CLOUD_ENDPOINT) - The endpoint for the Materialize Cloud API.
  • materialize:default_region (environment: MZ_DEFAULT_REGION) - The default region if not specified in the resource.
  • materialize:database (environment: MZ_DATABASE) - Materialize database.


To run the tests which will simulate running Pulumi you will need to set the necessary envrionment variables and start the docker compose:

export MZ_ENDPOINT=http://localhost:3000
export MZ_CLOUD_ENDPOINT=http://localhost:3001
export MZ_PASSWORD=mzp_1b2a3c4d5e6f7a8b9c0d1e2f3a4b5c6d7e8f9a0b1c2d3e4f5a6b7c8d9e0f1a2b
export MZ_SSLMODE=disable

# Start all containers
docker-compose -f examples/docker-compose.yml up -d --build

The tests also assume that the SDKs have been built and are present at sdk/{SDK language}. These are not committed to git but can be built locally by running make build_{sdk}.

You can then run the tests:

make test


Please see for instructions on how to contribute to this provider.

Warning The provider is under active development.

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