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Position-velocity diagram extractor.

Project description

Position-Velocity Diagram Extractor

Full docs are available here

Tool to slice through data cubes and extract position-velocity (or other) slices.

There are a few utilities related to header trimming & parsing. Otherwise, there’s one main function, pvextractor, that takes a data cube and a series of points and returns a PV array. It is based on scipy’s map_coordinates but also has .

For an example use case, see [this notebook] ( (for a permanent, compiled version, look here)

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Minimal Install Instructions

pip install
pip install
pip install

The pvextractor GUI

Run it like this:

from pvextractor.gui import PVSlicer
pv = PVSlicer('L1448_13CO.fits')

Click to select “control points” along the path, then press “enter” to expand the width of the slice, then click. Optionally, “y” will show the exact regions extracted.

Using pvextractor in ds9

There is a python script that will be installed along with pvextractor. You can invoke it from the command line, but the preferred approach is to load the tool into ds9. First, determine the path to ds9_pvextract.ans; it is in scripts/ds9_pvextract.ans. Then start up ds9 with the analysis tool loaded

ds9 -analysis load /path/to/pvextractor/scripts/ds9_pvextract.ans  &

Then load any cube in ds9, draw a line, and press ‘x’ or press “PV Extractor” in the menu.

Example DS9 use <figcaption>

Example DS9 use


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