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Parse strings and extract information from structured or unstructured data.

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A Python library to parse strings and extract information from structured or unstructured data. This library is based on pygrok.


  • Parsing and matching patterns from a string.
  • Relieving from complex regular expressions.
  • Extracting information from structured/unstructured data.


pip install py3grok

Getting Started

When using this library, you will want to first create an instance of GrokEnvironment. That will load the default and custom grok pattern files. Whenever you want to create a new pattern, you can run GrokEnvironment.create(pattern) which returns an instance of Grok, where you can simply run Grok.match(text).

For flexibility, you can also modify a Grok instance's pattern property as well if needed.

Code Example

from py3grok import GrokEnvironment

grok_env = GrokEnvironment()
pattern = '%{WORD:name} is %{WORD:gender}, %{NUMBER:age} years old and weighs %{NUMBER:weight} kilograms.'

# Regex flags can be used, like: grok_env.create(pattern, flags=re.IGNORECASE)
grok = grok_env.create(pattern)

text = 'Gary is male, 25 years old and weighs 68.5 kilograms.'

# {'gender': 'male', 'age': '25', 'name': 'Gary', 'weight': '68.5'}

Numbers can be converted from string to int or float if you use %{pattern:name:type} syntax, such as %{NUMBER:age:int}

See all available patterns here!

Additional Notes

The python re module does not support regular expression syntax atomic grouping (?>), so pygrok requires regex to be installed.

Grok is a simple software that allows you to easily parse strings, logs and other files. With grok, you can turn unstructured log and event data into structured data.

I recommend you to have a look at logstash filter grok, it explains how Grok works.

Pattern files come from logstash filter grok's pattern files.

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