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The Official Code42 Python API Client

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py42, the official Code42 Python SDK

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py42 is a Python wrapper around the Code42 REST APIs that also provides several other useful utility methods. It is designed to be used for developing your own tools for working with Code42 data while avoiding the overhead of session / authentication management.


  • Python 3.6.0+
  • Code42 Server 6.8.x+ or cloud environment (e.g. or


Run the script to install the py42 package and its dependencies on your system. You will likely need administrative privileges for this.

$ python install

Hello, py42

Here's a simple example to verify the installation and your server/account.

Launch the Python interpreter

$ python

Import a couple essentials

>>> import py42.sdk
>>> import py42.util as util

Initialize the client.

>>> sdk = py42.sdk.from_local_account("", "john.doe", "password")

or alternatively

>>> sdk = py42.sdk.from_jwt_provider("", jwt_provider_function)

Get and print your user information.

>>> response = sdk.users.get_current()
>>> util.print_response(response)

You should see something like the following:

    "username": "john.doe",
    "orgName": "ACME Organization",
    "userId": 123456,
    "emailPromo": true,
    "licenses": [],
    "modificationDate": "2018-08-29T15:32:56.995-05:00",
    "blocked": false,
    "usernameIsAnEmail": true,
    "userUid": "1234567890abcdef",
    "userExtRef": null,
    "email": "",
    "status": "Active",
    "localAuthenticationOnly": false,
    "orgUid": "123456789123456789",
    "passwordReset": true,
    "active": true,
    "creationDate": "2012-01-16T11:25:43.545-06:00",
    "orgType": "BUSINESS",
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Doe",
    "notes": null,
    "orgId": 123456,
    "quotaInBytes": -1,
    "invited": false


There are a few default settings that affect the behavior of the client.

Name Description Default
verify_ssl_certs Controls whether the SDK verifies the server's certificate.
Possible values: True, False, or a path to a CA bundle to use.
proxies Dictionary mapping protocol or protocol and hostname to the URL of the proxy.
See the Requests library's documentation on proxies for more info.
debug.level Controls log level logging.NOTSET
debug.logger Controls logger used logging.Logger with StreamHandler sending to sys.stderr
items_per_page Controls how many items are retrieved per request for methods that loops over several "pages" of items in order to collect them all. 500

To override these settings, import py42.settings and override values as necessary before creating the client. For example, to disable certificate validation in a dev environment:

import py42.sdk
import py42.settings as settings
import logging

settings.verify_ssl_certs = False

# customize logging
custom_logger = logging.getLogger("my_app")
handler = logging.FileHandler("my_app.log")
settings.debug.logger = custom_logger
settings.debug.level = logging.DEBUG

sdk = py42.sdk.from_local_account("", "my_username", "my_password")


The SDK object opens availability to APIs across the Code42 environment, including storage nodes.

import py42.sdk

sdk = py42.sdk.from_local_account("", "my_username", "my_password")

# clients are organized by feature groups and accessible under the sdk object

# get information about the current user.
current_user = sdk.users.get_current()

# page through all devices available to this user.
for device_page in sdk.devices.get_all():
    for device in device_page["computers"]:

# page through all orgs available to this user.
for org_page in sdk.orgs.get_all():
    for org in org_page["orgs"]:

# save a copy of a file from an archive this user has access to into the current working directory.
stream_response = sdk.archive.stream_from_backup("/full/path/to/file.txt", "1234567890")
with open("/path/to/my/file", 'wb') as f:
    for chunk in stream_response.iter_content(chunk_size=128):
        if chunk:

# search file events
from py42.sdk.queries.fileevents.file_event_query import FileEventQuery
from py42.sdk.queries.fileevents.filters import *

query = FileEventQuery.all(MD5.eq("e804d1eb229298b04522c5504b8131f0"))
file_events = sdk.securitydata.search_file_events(query)

Additional Resources

For complete documentation on the Code42 web API that backs this SDK, here are some helpful resources:

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