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A pip-installable distribution of afl-qemu-trace.

Project description

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pip-installable afl-qemu-trace python package


python3 -m pip install pyafl-qemu-trace

If you would like to install the trace viewer for binaryninja:

mkdir -p ~/.binaryninja/plugins/trace_viewer/
cp utilities/ ~/.binaryninja/plugins/trace_viewer/


Note: do not try to publish sdist! Only wheels will work since we are distributing binaries.

If you would like to build this package, clone it and run poetry build -f wheel.

You will need to have poetry, docker, and docker-compose or docker compose (v2) installed.

To build multiple versions (if you have multiple python versions installed) just:

$ deactivate
$ poetry env use 3.8
$ poetry build -f wheel
<...snip...for as many versions as you need...>
$ deactivate
$ poetry env use 3.9
$ poetry build -f wheel
$ poetry publish


This tool is meant to be, for the most part, dependency free and provided as a binary-only package to be used as a component of other tools. However, there are a few features beyond what the inspiration provided.

  • Improved trace parsing -- parses more events from the trace and eschews YACC for regex
  • Faster throughput -- uses pipes to collect data from afl-qemu-trace instead of going through the filesystem for super fast reads
  • Has some test cases!

There is also a loader for Binary Ninja here that can load parsed TraceResult outputs that have been serialized to JSON with TraceResult.export and display them as a heatmap on the CFG as shown below:

An image of a binary ninja UI panel with some blocks along an execution highlighted


General Usage

from pyafl_qemu_trace import qemu_path

# Get the path to the tracer binary
tracer = qemu_path("x86_64")

# Run the tracer with the provided wrapper
from pyafl_qemu_trace import TraceRunner
from shutil import which

retcode, stdout, stderr, log =
    input_data="\x41" * 400, 

# Parse the output of the tracer into a programmatically
# workable data structure result
from pyafl_qemu_trace import TraceParser

result = TraceParser.parse(log)

print(f"The trace has {len(result.addrs)} instructions!")

Export trace for viweing

from pyafl_qemu_trace import TraceRunner, TraceParser
from shutil import which
from pathlib import Path
retcode, stdout, stderr, log =
    input_data="\x41" * 400, 

result = TraceParser.parse(log)

This trace can then be loaded into binaryninja with the provided trace viewer by picking Tools -> Plugins -> Open File (QEMU Format) and selecting the exported JSON file.

Embarrasingly Parallel Tracing

from concurrent.futures import as_completed, ThreadPoolExecutor
from pyafl_qemu_trace import TraceRunner, TraceParser
from shutil import which

# .41s to run this...not bad!
with ThreadPoolExecutor() as executor:
    futures = []
    for a in (
                input_data=a * 400,
                ld_library_paths=["/lib64", "/lib"],

    for future in as_completed(futures):
            retcode, stdout, stderr, log = future.result()
            print(f"Completed with: {retcode} and loglength {len(log)}")
            assert len(log) == 8872190
        except Exception as e:
            assert False, "Exception: {}".format(e)

Embarrasingly Parallel Tracing And Parsing

(See test_parse_multi_parallel_real_x86_64 for an example that parallelizes the parsing step as well)


Either docker-compose or docker compose should be available at build time, but when installing, no dependencies are required, this basically just downloads a bunch of binaries for you.


Tests can be run with poetry run pytest, you'll need to run poetry install first.

Profiling with memray can be added to tests by running poetry run pytest --memray.


Supported targets for afl-qemu-trace are as follows:

  • aarch64
  • arm
  • i386
  • mips
  • mips64
  • ppc
  • ppc64
  • riscv32
  • riscv64
  • x86_64

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