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A webui tool used to obfuscate and pack python scripts based on pyarmor

Project description

pyarmor-webui is a web-ui for pyarmor. It’s a tool to obfuscate python scripts, bind obfuscated scripts to fixed machine or expire obfuscated scripts.

Install by pip:

pip install pyarmor-webui

Start it in the default web browser:


A light-weigh web server will run on default port 9096 to serve the request of web pages. If this port is used by others, start it with other port. For example:

pyarmor-webui -p 9088

Only run the web server, do not open web browser:

pyarmor-webui -n

For more options:

pyarmor-webui -h

If it’s not installed by pip, run pyarmor-webui by this way:


Before that make sure pyarmor has been installed:

pip install pyarmor

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Change Logs


New feature: * Add language Japanese

Fix Pyarmor 8 issues: * Fix registration need confirm in the console * Fix license file doesn’t work issue * Fix obfuscating package issues


  • Support Pyarmor 8.0+

  • Add option -7 to use Pyarmor 7 commands


  • Change install_requires to pyarmor~=7.6.0 because it doesn’t work with Pyarmor 8.0+


  • Add new option –mix-str


  • Fix typos


  • Add advanced mode 5


  • Add restrict mode 101, 102, 103, 104, 105


  • Add new platforms: darwin.aarch64.3, android.armv7, android.x86_64, android.x86


  • In register dialog, it also supports to register a code.


  • Fix bug (#3): mode pack all to one file with outer license failed.


  • Add restrict mode 5

  • For Windows disable quick edit in CMD, as it can freeze the application


  • Fix issue: the relative path in extra pack options may not work


  • Fix issue: the icon with absolute path could not be found in Windows

  • Fix select Src issue in Windows


  • Add new platform catalog VM Protection with 2 platforms: - windows.x86_64.25 - windows.x86.25

  • Rename platform alpine.* to musl.*

  • Add new platforms: - musl.mips32 - linux.mips64 - linux.mips64el


  • In mode tab, Advanced Mode support 2 extra values: - 3, enable vm mode and advanced mode - 4, enable vm mode and super mode

  • When registering PyArmor, if there is a file is in the current path, need not select any file, just click register directly


  • Fix Windows issue: there is no drive list when selecting source path from /


  • In mode tab, Obfuscate Code Object support 3 values: - 0, no obfuscate functions in module - 1, obfuscate each function by quick algorithm - 2, obfuscate each function by complex algorithm


  • In mode tab, Advanced Mode support 3 values: - 0, disable advanced mode - 1, enable advanced mode - 2, enable super mode


  • Add 2 plugins on, assert_armored in the plugin selection list

  • Fix python 2.7 failed issue: TypeError: super() takes at least 1 argument (0 given)

  • Add chinese language only for UI


  • Fix python2.7 issue: No module named shelx

  • Add new platform: uclibc.armv7.0

  • In my projects page add a project action Diagnose to print debug information in case something is wrong with building the project

  • In project edit page add 2 buttons: Build, Diagnose

  • In project edit page, the field of Pack options now is textarea

  • Change default restrict mode to 1


  • Fix license option Extra data doesn’t work issue

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