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A collection of utilities for interacting with Microsoft Azure

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pyazureutils is a collection of utilities for interacting with Microsoft Azure.

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pyazureutils is available:


pyazureutils is intended as a library as well as a stand-alone CLI. Its primary consumer is iotprovision. The CLI requires that the Azure CLI ('az') is installed.

Command-line interface

pyazureutils CLI is invoked with one command, one action and optional switches. See help and examples below for more details.

Getting help:

pyazureutils --help

Getting command-specific help (iotcentral command):

pyazureutils iotcentral --help

pyazureutils can optionally select the subscription to use:


pyazureutils --subscription "My Azure" iotcentral register-device

iotcentral command

The iotcentral command supports device registration with Azure IoT Central


pyazureutils iotcentral register-device

Device registration can optionally include the switches:

--application-name <application name (URL) to register with>
--display-name <display name to use for the device registration>
--certificate-file <certificate to use for registration, if not read from a kit>
--device-template-name <device template to use for registration>


pyazureutils --subscription "My Azure" iotcentral register-device --app custom-227clcx93h8 --template "PIC-IoT WM" --display-name "My PIC-IoT Kit"


This package uses the Python logging module for publishing log messages to library users. A basic configuration can be used (see example below), but for best results a more thorough configuration is recommended in order to control the verbosity of output from dependencies in the stack which also use logging.

import logging
logging.basicConfig(format="%(levelname)s: %(message)s", level=logging.WARNING)


This package uses pyedbglib through other libraries for USB communications. For more information see:


pyazureutils version can be determined by:

from pyazureutils import __version__ as pyazureutils_version
print(f"pyazureutils version {pyazureutils_version}")


[1.1] - December 2023


  • DSG-5753 CLI catch-all and return code


  • DSG-5640 Clean up unused pyedbglib dependencies / requirements
  • DSG-5754 Removed erroneous relic: AzureCustomProvisioner

[1.0.0] - July 2022


  • DSG-4387 corrections to pyazureutils library help
  • DSG-4718 Attempt iotcentral enrollment even if app name is not visible in subscription
  • DSG-5151 Support for setting the default subscription before enrollment


  • DSG-4398 Link to github readme to github docs for pyazureutils
  • DSG-4471 Link to changelog
  • DSG-4727 Argument aliases for enrollment (--app, --application-name, --application-url)

[0.8.2] - December 2021


  • DSG-4296 Better feedback when multiple subscriptions or IoT Central applications found
  • DSG-4293 Better device template handling


  • DSG-4355 Improved help

[0.7.1] - November 2021


  • DSG-4029 Publication to GitHub + pypi
  • DSG-4001 Support for multiple subscriptions
  • DSG-3442 iotcentral enrollment


  • DSG-4004 cross-platform subprocess calls
  • DSG-4000 packages dependencies corrected


  • DSG-3363 refactored provisioning

[0.6.3] - June 2021


  • DSG-3565 pypi release

[0.5.0] - January 2021

  • First public release to PyPi

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