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A library to query data about a Bird Buddy smart bird feeder

Project description


import asyncio
import pprint

from birdbuddy.client import BirdBuddy

bb = BirdBuddy("", "Pa$$w0rd")

# Using coroutines with async/await:
async def async_test():
    await bb.refresh()

# Without async/await, including from a top-level module:
result =

Note: only password login is supported currently. Google and other SSOs are not supported. If you've already set up your Bird Buddy with SSO, one option could be to register a new account with a password, and then redeem an invite code to your Bird Buddy under the new account. Some fields will be missing (such as firmware versions and off-grid status).

The feeders property will be an array of feeders with the following fields:

fragment ListFeederFields on FeederForPrivate {
  battery {
    charging    # Boolean
    percentage  # Int (93)
    state       # String (enum: "HIGH")
  food {
    state       # String (enum: "LOW")
  id            # String (UUID)
  name          # String
  signal {
    state       # String (enum: "HIGH")
    value       # Int (rssi: -41)
  state         # String (enum: "READY_TO_STREAM")
  temperature {
    value       # Int


API responses can return translated strings by setting the client's language_code property. Language codes are parsed using langcodes

from birdbuddy import BirdBuddy

async def main():
    bb = BirdBuddy
    bb.language_code = "de"
    collections = await bb.refresh_collections()
    birds = [ for c in collections.values()]

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