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Python version bumper

Project description

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Simple python code to bump kubernetes package manager Helm charts.yaml, VERSION and files versions.
Version is allowed a lower case ‘v’ character for example: v1.5.4-beta2


pip install pybump


bump version:
pybump bump [-h] --file PATH_TO_CHART.YAML --level {major,minor,patch} [--quiet]

set explicit version or set auto release+metadata:
pybump set --file PATH_TO_CHART.YAML --set-version X.Y.Z [--quiet]

the auto flag is mainly intended for pull request CIs, by using:
pybump set --file PATH_TO_CHART.YAML --auto [--quiet]
pybump will add git commit hash as release info to version
  • NOTE - This can be dangerous as the auto flag might detect a git repo you were not intended to bump, make sure the bumped file is really a child in the git repo you intended to bump.

get current version:
pybump get --file PATH_TO_CHART.YAML

update Helm chart appVersion:
in order to bump/get/set the Helm chart appVersion value just add the --app-version flag
pybump bump [-h] --file PATH_TO_CHART.YAML --level {major,minor,patch} [--quiet] [--app-version]
  • note that the –app-version flag is relevant only for Helm chart.yaml files and has not effect on other cases.


CLI example


CI Usage example

Simple jenkins CI (using k8s plugin) that will use the set –file –auto options

String label = "test-bump-ci-runner"
        label: label,
        containers: [
                        name: 'pybump',
                        image: "arielev/pybump:1.10.2",
                        ttyEnabled: true,
                        command: 'sleep',
                        args: '1d'
                        name: 'jnlp',
                        image: 'jenkins/inbound-agent:jdk11',
                        ttyEnabled: true
) {
    node(label) {
        timeout(time: 10, unit: 'MINUTES') {
            ansiColor('xterm') {
                String version = ""
                container('jnlp') {
                    git credentialsId: "credentials_id_here", url: ""
                container('pybump') {
                    version = sh(
                            script: "pybump set --file --auto",
                            returnStdout: true
Case: version: 0.0.1
pybump bump --file Chart.yaml --level patch will bump version to 0.0.2

Case: version:
pybump bump --file Chart.yaml --level minor will bump version to

Case: version: v0.0.3
pybump bump --file Chart.yaml --level major will bump version to v1.0.0

Case: version: 0.0.1+some-metadata
pybump set --file Chart.yaml --set-version 1.4.0 will set version to 1.4.0+metadata-here

Case: version: v7.0.2
pybump set --file --auto will set version to v7.0.2-5a51e0e1d9894d3c5d4201619f10be242320cb59

Case: appVersion 2.3.2
pybump bump --file Chart.yaml --level patch --app-version will bump appVersion to 2.3.3

Case: version: 1.0.13
pybump get --file Chart.yaml will return 1.0.13

Case: version: 1.0.13+some-metadata
pybump get --file Chart.yaml --release will return some

using a container image

docker run --rm --volume $(pwd):/tmp -t arielev/pybump set --file /tmp/ --auto

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