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Project description


A command line client for cc mixter.

ccMixter is a produsage community music site that promotes remix culture and makes >samples, remixes, and a cappella tracks licensed under Creative Commons available for >download and re-use in creative works. Visitors are able to listen to, sample, mash-up, or >interact with music in a variety of ways including the download and use of tracks and >samples in their own remixes.

  • Downloads Songs, Samples and similar from given cc mixter artist name or based on selection criterias.
  • Packaged uploads (for example .zip files) get extracted.
  • Already downloaded files will not get downloaded again.



you need python3 and pip installed.

then just clone or download this repository and install the needed python packages from requirements.txt pip3 install -r requirements.txt

or simply use pip

    python -m pip install pyccmc


Binary, executable files can be found at, if you do not like to use the pip install.


Depends on either Firefox, Chrome or Safari webbrowsers.

After installation open a terminal and execute


by default, the files are written to a directory structure from where you start the tool like <request>\<artist>\<upload name>\<files>


Type "graph" instead of a username

Graph Data Structure

for x in pregraphdat:
    # print(x)
            'id': x['upload_id'],
            'name': x['metadata'][0]['upload_name'],
            'metadata': x['metadata'][0],
            'labels': [x['metadata'][0]['upload_name'], x['metadata'][0]['user_name']]
    for y in x['sources']:
                'source': y,
                'target': x['upload_id'],
                'labels': ['source']
    for z in x['remixes']:
                'source': x['upload_id'],
                'target': z,
                'labels': ['remix']

command line options

-h, --help show help and exit
--artist An Ccmixter artists name
--limit Maximum number of allowed api results
--dryrun Set to True if you do not want to download. prints out metadata of the query
--itq Interactive Query Builder, download by manually search along the api parameters
--proxy http(s):\\url:port
--query Json with Ccmixter api parameters {\"user\":\"tigabeatz\";\"limit\":\"1\"} (you must escape " with \")
--folder Where to store your requests data, default to this scripts folder
--logfile Logfile location, default to this scripts folder
--index File to store history of downloaded files, defaults to this scripts folder
--test Check if this tool is working

Alternatively, execute the ccmclient.exe / binary with command line parameters like ccmclient --artist tigabeatz --limit 0 or ccmcclient.exe --help

Usage examples:

  • download everything uploaded by artist ccmclient --artist tigabeatz --limit 0
  • download based on a custom query ccmclient --query "{\"user\":\"tigabeatz\"}"

further reading


git remote add

Please see .gitlab-ci.yml and azure-pipelines.yml

git push -u master
git push -u master


git push --all

The Azure DevOps project uses build and release pipelines to create the executable files, while the gitlab project uses a pipeline to test a linux binary and publishes the pypi project.

This setup causes that a Azure Storage Account is created and the Service Principal for the Azure dev Ops Projects needs Blop Storage Dta Contributor Role assignment.


  • task: AzureFileCopy@5 displayName: 'AzureBlob File Copy Binaries' inputs: SourcePath: '$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/_ccmclient' azureSubscription: '...............' Destination: AzureBlob storage: tigabeatz ContainerName: '$web'


  • task: AzureFileCopy@5 displayName: 'AzureBlob File Copy Html' inputs: SourcePath: '$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/_ccmclientweb/index.html' azureSubscription: '............' Destination: AzureBlob storage: tigabeatz ContainerName: '$web' BlobPrefix: '_ccmclient/index.html'

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