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CHEOPS light curve analysis software

Project description

Python package for the analysis of light curves from the ESA CHEOPS mission.

Use pip install pycheops to install.

See pycheops/examples/Notebooks for examples.

For discussion and announcements, please join the pycheops google group

See pycheops/docs/PyCheops_Cookbook.pdf for a guide to using pycheops.

See pycheops/examples/Notebooks for Jupyter notebook that illustrate the features of pycheops.

See Maxted et al. 2022MNRAS.514…77M for a full description of the algorithms and assumptions used in pycheops.




$ pip uninstall python-dace-client

$ pip install dace-query

Installation fails with “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pybind11’”

Run pip install pybind11 then try again

StarProperties( produces “Segmentation fault: 11”

You are running the wrong version of python, e.g., anaconda2 instead of anaconda3

“TypeError: ‘str’ object is not callable” in animate frames

Install “pillow”, e.g., conda install pillow.

“No matching distribution found for matplotlib>3,2 (from pycheops)”

This error message may appear when upgrading to pycheops version 0.8.0 or later. Two solutions have been found …

  1. “conda update –all” then “pip install pycheops –upgrade”

  2. “pip install matplotlib –upgrade” then “pip install pycheops –upgrade”

Installation fails with “ERROR: Could not build wheels for celerite2 which use PEP 517 and cannot be installed directly”

This error message may appear when upgrading to pycheops version 0.9.1 or later. The working solution is to install celerite2 prior to installing/ updating pycheops using:

git clone --recursive

cd celerite2

python -m pip install celerite2==0.0.1rc1

Project details

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pycheops-1.1.12.tar.gz (20.7 MB view hashes)

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pycheops-1.1.12-py2.py3-none-any.whl (60.5 MB view hashes)

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